Practice Exam – Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

Here is the latest Practice Exam (2017) from the Certification Prep Webinar Series conducted by Salesforce University for the Sales Cloud Consultant certification.  You will not find these slides anywhere (unless you take the classroom sessions).

The slides have been made Private.  To get the access and continue learning, you can register for future Webinars using the link provided below.

Use the directional arrows and pause button to traverse through the slideshow.

Note: For any clarifications regarding the questions/answers mentioned in the slide, use the comments section below for discussion.

Here are the complete Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Slides

You can register for these webinars using this link – Register Here

Copyrights: Salesforce University

48 Replies to “Practice Exam – Sales Cloud Consultant Certification”

  1. Hi,

    I am preparing for the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification and was wondering if you could send me the slides referenced above?

    Thanks in advance!



  2. Hello Fanboy, honestly appreciate your efforts for making Salesforce easy to learn and clear the exam. Hats off to your great thoughts of sharing such a hard earned knowledge to the entire tech community whoever is interested in learning SFDC. Thanks a lot.
    Can you please share Sales Cloud & Service Cloud materials to me. My email id is s.venkataraghavan5 at gmail dot com. Thanks again !!

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  3. Help………………………the link (Here are the complete Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Slides) to the slides does not take me to the slides

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        1. Can you please share Practice Exam slides of Sales Cloud Consultant Certification and also the link to register for the Certification preparation webinar.

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