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  1. Hi ,
    While testing an email with dynamic content in Content Builder, proofs of five content variations need to be reviewed directly in the inbox of a marketer´s quality assurance specialist and the marketing manager. A data extension named “myTestData” contains only the variations needed.
    Which method should be used to accomplish this task?
    A. Create a Test data extension that contains the five content variations the two team members need to validate.
    B. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs and then choose to send Based on Subscriber Preview “myTestData”.
    C. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs and then select the specific records from a list or
    data extension whose rendering should be sent.
    D. Choose data extension of contacts and then choose to send "Based on Recipient Test Data Extension
    My answer is B


  2. Hi Manish,

    I went through your blog its very informative thank you. Can you please help me with the questions referring which i can clear email specialist certification its this week.



      1. can i please get your email id so that i can share my questions to you as i loose track of which answer is provided to the questions in the replies, it would be a great help.


  3. NTO wants to send promotional holiday emails to subscribers who have identified their favorite store locations. Which two actions should NTO take in order to utilize their subscribers’ location preferences? Choose 2 answers
    A. A dynamic From Name that pulls in the store location
    B. A new delivery profile that pulls in store location in the footer
    C. A From Name for each store location
    D. A new send classification for holiday promotions
    I think A and B


  4. NTO will be using AMPScript to create highly personalized emails. As part of the quality assurance (QA) process, NTO needs to do the following:
    – Ensure the system can process the AMPScript
    – View the dynamic content variations based on data in the data extension
    Which two Content Builder tools should be used in the QA process to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers
    A. Send Preview
    B. Desktop View
    C. Validation
    D. Subscriber Preview
    I think A and D


  5. Hello everyone, first of all congratulations to those who passed the exam.
    I still have some questions to clarify:

    NTO uses HTML emails that have headers and footers coded into the email. What tool can the marketer use to control default headers and footers on email sends?
    A. Dynamic Content
    B. Sender Profile
    C. Delivery Profile
    D. AMPScript Lookups

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  6. Hello!

    I just wanted to thank you for all the good resources that you have here and for all the answers and questions reviews that you have in the comments section. I am a Salesforce employee, and this really helped me a lot! Yesterday I passed my MC email specialist exam in the very first attempt, so I am very happy!!!! Thanks again! 🙂

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  7. Hi Manish,
    can you help me?

    Which send process can use Sender Profiles?
    A. User-Initiated Sends
    B. Test Sends
    C. Guided Sends
    D. Triggered Sends
    E. Simple Automated Sends


  8. A subscriber unsubscribes upon receiving an email from Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO). At the bottom of the NTO email, the subscriber sees three links: Manage Subscriptions, Profile Center, and One-Click Unsubscribe.
    The subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe.
    Given that NTO Is using the default subscription center, which two options are given when the subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe?Choose 2 answers
    A. Subscriber can choose to resubscrlbe to the list used for the send.
    B. Subscriber can choose to be unsubscribed from all NTO publications.
    C. Subscriber can choose which publications to unsubscribe from.
    D. Subscriber can choose to be removed from the data extension.

    I think A and B.


  9. This question has already been discussed but the correct answer is not clear to me:
    A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this be accomplished? (Choose 2)
    A. Create restricted values
    B. Select the attribute as required
    C. Select the data type as Text
    D. Set a custom maximum length of six

    @sfdcFanBoy could you help me please?

    I think A and C


  10. A marketer sends a re-engagement email to contacts who have not opened or clicked emails in the last month. This email contains a call-to-action (CTA) prompting the recipient to “Click here to keep receiving our emails.” In which two ways can the marketer determine who clicked on the CTA? Choose 2 answers
    1.Select unique clicks on the overview tab in the inbox activity section
    2.Select the click activity bar chart from the email overlay view of the click activity tab
    3.Select the URL ID for the URL or tracking alias from the job links tab
    4.Select the URL or tracking alias from the link view tab of the click activity tab


  11. Which two best practices should the customer follow to ensure marketers across the company are taking full advantage of Content Builder? Choose 2 answers
    A. Create folders for each type of uploaded content
    B. Import all content up front, rather than piece by piece
    C. Optimize the way content is stored with a naming convention
    D. Plan for content to be used cross-channel, eliminating duplicates

    Please can someone answer?

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      1. Sorry @sfdcFanBoy, I know you had already answered this question but I didn’t get why not A. (create folders). Could you explain me please?


        1. It says create folders for each ‘type’ of uploaded content. You need to create a folder structure that is campaign-based, rather than one based on the file type. SFMC allows you to anyways sort by type, so you don’t need a folder structure for ‘type’.


  12. NTO wants to resuse a skiing promotional advertisment used in one of last winter’s email campaigns. Which three methods in Content Builder can be used to locate the promotional advertisement? Choose 3 answers
    Local folder structure

    1.Tags filter

    2.Content Type filter

    3.Email Type

    4.Search field

    5.Local folder structure

    Can some one answer this question?
    i think of 2,4,5


      1. can some one help on this question..
        1.Tag filter:can search with promotional tag if provided in the email
        5.local folder structure:can go to desired folder
        2.Content Type filter:by selecting email as content type
        Dont think so there is search on 3.Email Type
        4.Search field — may be not accurate.

        @Manish,Please suggest.


  13. Q. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) needs to use a point-and-click tool to test segmentation rules and verify that the correct subscribers are included in the segment. NTO will need to automate the refreshing of the segment once it is tested.
    Which two tools should be used to test and configure the segment?

    A. Filter Activity
    B. Filtered Group
    C. Data Filter
    D. SQL Query Activity

    i think its C and A.for automating the filter activity.first need to create Data filter and the select the data filter in filter activity.

    Please correct me if it is wrong


  14. NTO is looking at using Journey Builder rather than Automation Studio to send emails. What are the three benefits of using Journey Builder? Choose 3 answers
    The ability to setup A/B/N tests as part of the workflow to conduct timing and creative tests

    a.The ability to extract data from an Audience data extension for analysis

    b.The ability to set goals and have the system listen to see if users met the goal

    c.The ability to set criteria to segment contacts based on behavior using SQL

    d.The ability to update or create Salesforce CRM objects or records

    i could think of A,B,D.
    Please correct me if i m wrong @sfdcFanBoy


  15. amazing blog, you’re a great help!! I cleared my cert :)… On my way for marketing cloud consultant cert and look forward to your guidance and support as always.

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  16. Hi Manish,

    Can you help me with this problem statement?

    Problem Statement: How can I get the list of leads based on the above market that how many leads from “Tempa” or “Dallas” open, clicked etc the email.

    We have set up the journey to send the “lead confirmation email” to the customers based on some condition.

    The condition is: We have set the filter criteria in the journey based on the region like only “Tempa” and “Dallas” region leads will get the emails out of all the leads.

    Thanks, Shweta


    1. Hey everyone! giving my exam in two days, any new addition questions that you came across lately to the ones posted here? Will greatly help, thanks!!


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