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  1. Hi again,

    I found another one :

    Northern Trail Outfitters is using a Smart Capture form on a CloudPage to capture contest registrations in a data extension. Corporate has requested a nightly file with all registrants in this data extension be sent daily from Marketing Cloud to an external SFTP.
    Which automation configuration should be used to achieve this? 

    A. Schedule Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
    B. Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity 
    C. File Drop Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
    D. File Drop Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity

    I would say A !


    1. I believe it should be B. You are not extracting from multiple sources, or doing any filtering, so an SQL Query should not be necessary. You are extracting all data from the data extension at a scheduled time, therefore it should be Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract > File Transfer

      In real world ideally you would put a verification step between data extract and file transfer as well to confirm the expected number of records was extracted.


  2. A 15-person management team wants to review test emails built in Email Studio prior to live deployment based on content that is personalized for them, but is clearly noted as a test email. What is the safest, most effective way for a marketer to accomplish this task without compromising the email content?

    A. Create a data extension composed of the management team, create a User-Initiated Send Definition, select the email, prepend “Test” to the Subject, select the data extension, and send the email.
    B. Find each individual with Subscriber Preview and Test Send to each individual Recipient.
    C. Create a list composed of the management team, prepend “Test” to the Subject, and use the Send Flow to send the email to the list.
    D. Create a Test data extension composed of the management team and Test Send to the Test data

    I would say D !


  3. Great indeed it is clear 🙂

    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) would like to target members who recently received and opened any promotional email with the subject line “NTO Spring Sale.” What feature should be used to target these members?

    A. SQL Query Activity
    B. Email Send Report
    C. Engagement Split
    D. Group Refresh

    I would say B


    1. This is a tricky one. If you read the question again, it says “…any promotional email with a specific subject line”. It could be multiple emails.
      So, you need a SQL Query activity to query data views to get the subscribers from multiple emails. While Email Send Report gives that data, but you can only export that data and do nothing else directly where as with SQL Query Activity, you can add an email step following it to target them immediately.

      P.S additional questions, start in a new comment thread pls. Thanks


  4. Hi,

    I am preparing the certification and I cannot find the correct answer for this question. Could you help me please ?

    As part of a daily shipping notification automation, Northern Trail Outfitters needs to join data from the Shipping data extension and the Purchase data extension.
    What activity is designed to address this scenario? 

    A. Group Refresh
    B. Filter Activity
    C. File Transfer Activity 
    D. SQL Query Activity

    I would say D as we have to join two data extensions.



      1. Thanks a lot !!
        I have also some other questions if possible 🙂
        A marketer is building a highly personalized email that is sent daily to one million subscribers. The data needed for the email is located in several extensions.
        What feature should the marketer use to merge the data into a single data extension to improve sending.

        A. Profile Management
        B. Data Filters
        C. File Triggers
        D. SQL Query Activities

        I would say D also for same reason 🙂 but I was hesitating with the B


          1. Very clear ! thanks a lot ! I will pass on next week the exam 🙂
            The last one I have is this one:

            A national public university distributed a newsletter to alumni, students, faculty, and prospective students. The university´s marketing team wants to see the results of the email campaign.
            Which two items of information and data about the performance of an individual send can be exported from Tracking in Email Studio?
            (Choose 2 answers)

            A. Images showing how the email rendered on different devices
            B. Number of clicks from mobile devices
            C. Performance data on the Overview tab
            D. Subscribers who click on a specific link

            I would say B and D.
            I hesitate to choose C rather than B but I found it too general

            Thanks in advance


                  1. Ok thanks, The first one is:

                    1- A customer has a Send Log they are using to track the email addresses that were sent to, date and time of the send, and the name of the email sent for reporting purposes. Per best practice, the customer stores 30 days of data in their Send Log and then archives the data into another data extension that holds data for one year.
                    Which activity should be used to achieve the backup automatically?

                    A. Filter
                    B. Data Extract
                    C. Import File
                    D. SQL QuerY

                    I would say B or D but I am not very sure.


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