Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation – Part 1 (Introduction)

I have cleared the Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification! Woohoo!! I have been working on Marketing Cloud for a year when I took this.  The hands-on experience and the experience of working with different clients definitely helped in clearing the certification.

Here’s a video course on Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification that I made – Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Video Course

What’s more special is Salesforce itself claims that among all the consultant exams, (Service, Sales, Pardot), this one undeniably comes across as being the toughest one.

As you all know, I’d love to share my knowledge especially in the certification preparation process, I’d do the same here for this certification as well.  Earlier, I had shared how to prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification which is a pre-requisite for this consultant exam.   And also Preparation Notes for Platform App Builder Certification which will be useful if you are just getting into Salesforce.  You must pass the Email specialist exam if you are planning for the consultant exam.

In this blog series, I will be explaining the concepts of Marketing cloud in the order of focus areas mentioned in the certification guide.  I’d split them into multiple posts for easier references.

In this post, I’d like to highlight the different topics involved in this certification.  There are 10 of them as shown below, with the % of Weightage in the certification.  If you observe there is no such topic with a huge % of Weihtage, that means you’d need to focus on all the topics equally and the number of questions ranges from 4 to 8 for each topic.

Marketing Cloud Consultant Topics % of Weightage Expected No. of Questions My Exam Result in % No. of Correct Answers
Discovery 13% 8 66% 5
Conceptual Design 12% 7 100% 7
Marketing Cloud Design 6% 4 50% 2
Account Configuration 10% 6 50% 3
Reporting 7% 4 100% 4
Data Design 13% 8 71% 6
Automation 8% 5 100% 5
Email Build 6% 4 75% 3
Contact Builder 14% 8 77% 6
Journey Builder 11% 6 50% 3
60 44
My Scoring % 73.33% Pass

Pass % is 68% i.e., about 41 questions out of 60 questions in 105 minutes (includes 5 non-scoring questions)

The posts will be out soon.  Meanwhile, please do go through the new trailhead modules released for Marketing Cloud (choose the Product filter as Marketing Cloud).

Here’s a video course on Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification that I made – Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Video Course

  • Part 2 – Discovery
  • Part 3 – Conceptual Design
  • Part 4 – Marketing Cloud Design
  • Part 5 – Account Configuration
  • Part 6 – Reporting
  • Part 7 – Data Design
  • Part 8 – Automation
  • Part 9 – Email Build
  • Part 10 – Contact Builder
  • Part 11 – Journey Builder

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