Get Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified

I’ve launched Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) online courses that help you learn the concepts of Marketing Cloud tool and most importantly prepare you to take the Marketing Cloud certification exams with confidence.

  • 2500+ Students enrolled (as of Oct 2020)
  • Marketing Cloud Videos, Concepts, and Exam Tips
  • Lifetime access
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile
  • Exclusive offer on all the courses.

Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Course

If you are looking to get started into Marketing Cloud, this is the best course to start with. This course gives you in-and-out of the Marketing Cloud tool with videos.

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Course

This certification is also for beginners but this is more focused on Email concepts. In my course, learn the best practices for email marketing, email content, design, delivery and tracking with videos and 2 exam practice tests.

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Course

This is the pinnacle of Marketing Cloud certifications. Advanced level of Marketing Cloud experience is required – and hence my course is very detailed with a lot of concepts explained with videos. Admin Certification is pre-requisite for this certification.

5 Replies to “Get Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified”

  1. A customer want to send an email confirming opt-in when someone signs up for their email via a form on their website. This email should arrive with a few minutes of completing the form, and all of the form data need to be stored in Marketing Cloud to personalize the outgoing email. The customer has access to a developer for working with API’s, but they want to be able to change the email creative without involving the developer. What should the consultant recommend?

    1. 1. Use a send email activity in Automation Studio to run hourly and deploy emails
    2. 2. Use a triggered send data extension to capture form data and deploy the email
    3. 3. Use SQL query activity in Automation Studio to run hourly and deploy emails
    4. 4. Use the WSProxy via SSJS to deploy the email after capturing form data

    What is the correct answer?


    1. Hi Jen, thanks for highlighting this. The content is the same in the exam guide. Only the categorization is updated. All these features, functionality and concepts are totally covered in my course. I’ll update it too. Thank you


      1. Do you have the latest updates exam questions that has been changed on the 30th of September 2020 for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant?

        One of the questions is the following- A b2b customer notices they have a large number of subscribers marked as held. During troubleshooting they realize these were soft bounces from overwhelming the email servers of many of the small companies with which they do business. What steps should the customer take to move those subscribers back to active.

        Another question – 
        Northern trail outfitters wants to suppress their highly engaged email subscriber (multiple opens and clicks for a target campaign) from active display campaigns to reduce overall cost and eliminate unnecessary targeting to the user what should be recommended?

        Another – Northern trail outfitters wants to provide near real-time data in 30-day welcome journey. Which data setup should they use for decision splits?


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