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A Tip A Day #2 – Display custom popup message while Submitting for Approval

This post is a part of the daily blog series  A Tip A Day, daily dosage of learning!  Day #2 - Display custom popup message while Submitting for Approval Standard Approval Process Feature: When you setup Standard Approval process on any... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Lock a Record in Salesforce

In this blog post, I'd be discussing the different ways to lock a Salesforce record in UI.  By lock, I mean, the user shouldn't be able to edit the field values of the record.  I have identified 7 ways to lock... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Code Scanner – Health Check

As a Salesforce Developer, have you ever worried about the code in your Salesforce org and wanted to check if: the code you have written/existing code is in line with the best practices? you have followed the coding guidelines suggested... Continue Reading →

Visualforce Pagination with Dynamic Search

This post has a working example of dynamic search in a Visualforce page and the results shown with pagination. There are 4 field search criteria including date fields too which makes it more interesting.  The results upon clicking Search will... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip – Change Date format in Apex

If you use any date fields in Apex, it prints in this format System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date); Output:  2016-04-26 00:00:00 To change the format you can simply use: format() System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date.format()); Output:  26/04/2016  

Run Script After Sandbox Creation and Refresh

This feature is to make your sandbox environment business ready, automate data manipulation or business logic tasks. At sandbox creation, specify a single Apex class to perform the tasks. This class executes every time the sandbox is refreshed/copied. Create an Apex class that implements... Continue Reading →

Wrapper Class Multiple Value Sorting

Came across a scenario where I had to sort a wrapper class.  Normal list sorting is simple, list.sort(); would help.  But for a wrapper class, it's not straight-forward but it isn't that hard.  Below is a simple wrapper class without sorting... Continue Reading →

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