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Salesforce Certification Exam Results In Section Percentages (%)

Salesforce Certification results now shows "% scores" for each of the sections in the exam along with "Pass/Fail" result. The sections provided in your results directly relate to the sections listed in the exam outline of the study guide. If... Continue Reading →

Salesforce’s Certifications Expiring!

The expected has happened - Salesforce is completely "retiring" its Developer Certifications namely, Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer. Yes you read that right, these 2 certifications are about to expire! In September 2015, Salesforce has stopped... Continue Reading →

My Single Page CV

Recently, I have read in a news blog that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has created a Single Page CV for herself - all of her work experience, education, including her daily activities.  Quite impressed, I thought if Yahoo CEO can... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Einstein – Coming This Dreamforce’16

Dreamforce 2016, the Salesforce's Largest Annual Conference to be held in October, will unveil a product called Salesforce Einstein!  Benioff announces a big product or two every year at Dreamforce, but Einstein is something different. “If this is not the next... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Trailhead Profile Widget

I have designed this little Trailhead Profile Widget that has trail head stats.  As Salesforce Trailhead freaks, I thought there should be a consolidated stats of the trailhead modules we complete.  Here's the one I designed This can be treated more... Continue Reading →

Lightning Navigation Menu – Change is Coming

If you are using Lightning Experience in your Salesforce instances, then by now you must be familiar with this view, the navigation menu on your left side.  The menu that holds all your tabs and helps in navigating you to different... Continue Reading →

Salesforce E-Commerce Cloud

Salesforce could soon introduce a brand new Cloud to it's wide variety of growing cloud platforms.  We already know, during Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce introduced a new cloud, IoT Cloud to its feathers. Today (June 2016), with the acquisition of a Twelve-year-old company Demandware which... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Technical Architect Certification Update

Finally this month (May 2016), Salesforce has released more details on 3 of the Domain Specialist Certifications Exam details and made the 3 exams ready for the public to grab!

Awesome Global Picklists

Update: This article was written when Global Picklists was launched.  Salesforce has now renamed Global Picklists to Picklist Value Sets.   Do you want to use same pick list values in different objects across the system?  Global Picklists is your answer!... Continue Reading →

New UI for Salesforce has a completely redesigned version of its core CRM product.  The new version has been designed with a cleaner, more modern looking interface. Here's the previous UI, now being referred to as Classic Salesforce UI And here's the switch to... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Introduces New Certifications for Developers

Salesforce introduced 3 new developer certifications for developers Platform Developer I Platform Developer II Platform App Builder The immediate question is what happens to the existing developer certifications (401 and 501). Well,  you can continue to maintain your Salesforce Certified... Continue Reading →

Meet the “New Salesforce”

Big announcement coming from Salesforce just before Dreamforce this year (2015). Salesforce says it will be a whole "New Salesforce"! We're excited to share with you that our upcoming release will be our biggest, best, most game changing ever. And you... Continue Reading →

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