Bulk Scheduling Dashboard Refresh using Apex Batch

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One fine day, I was browsing through the questions on Answers Community. A gentleman posted that his organization had over 150 dashboards which need to be refreshed simultaneously at a particular time of the day and currently they are doing it manually, which I understood was a tremendous overhead. I thought for a while and started posting an answer pointing towards whats stopping him to schedule a dashboard refresh. But then I thought maybe I should check the documentation and what I found was –

  • “Run Reports” & “Schedule Dashboards” permissions is necessary to refresh dashboard and schedule dashboard refresh respectively. [AB : Ok, thats fine.]
  • Unlimited and Performance Edition users can schedule up to two dashboard refreshes an hour per day. Enterprise Edition users can schedule up to one dashboard refresh an hour per day. [AB : Wooh, Whatttt!]
  • Additional scheduled dashboards may be available for purchase.  [AB : Makes sense, performance…

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Salesforce Code Scanner – Health Check

As a Salesforce Developer, have you ever worried about the code in your Salesforce org and wanted to check if: the code you have written/existing code is in line with the best practices? you have followed the coding guidelines suggested by Salesforce? there are any loop holes in the code that could cause severe security …

Visualforce Pagination with Dynamic Search

This post has a working example of dynamic search in a Visualforce page and the results shown with pagination. There are 4 field search criteria including date fields too which makes it more interesting.  The results upon clicking Search will display below the Search section with 4 buttons to paginate.  The Next/Last Page buttons grey …

Quick Tip – Change Date format in Apex

If you use any date fields in Apex, it prints in this format System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date); Output:  2016-04-26 00:00:00 To change the format you can simply use: format() System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date.format()); Output:  26/04/2016  

Run Script After Sandbox Creation and Refresh

This feature is to make your sandbox environment business ready, automate data manipulation or business logic tasks or even to schedule your jobs. At sandbox creation, specify a single Apex class to perform the tasks. This class executes every time the sandbox is refreshed/copied. Create an Apex class that implements SandboxPostCopy and specify the class here. For example, the …

Wrapper Class Multiple Value Sorting

Came across a scenario where I had to sort a wrapper class.  Normal list sorting is simple, list.sort(); would help.  But for a wrapper class, it's not straight-forward but it isn't that hard.  Below is a simple wrapper class without sorting - this wrapper has 2 columns : Area and AD. global class AreaWrapper{ public String …

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