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Salesforce University APAC – Certification Prep Webinars (May-July 2017)!

Salesforce is excited to continue the FREE Certification Prep Webinar Series this May till July in APAC.  This is 2nd of the series started in April earlier this year.  If you missed the first series, I have grabbed the slides for you - View... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Lock a Record in Salesforce

In this blog post, I'd be discussing the different ways to lock a Salesforce record in UI.  By lock, I mean, the user shouldn't be able to edit the field values of the record.  I have identified 7 ways to lock... Continue Reading →

Platform Developer 1 – Certification Preparation Slides

Here are the slides from the Certification Prep Webinar Series conducted by Salesforce University for the Platform Developer 1 certification.  You will not find these slides anywhere. This was delivered by Salesforce Certified Instructors.  The slides explain in detail each of the topics that are... Continue Reading →

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Salesforce Optimizer – Scan Your Org Customization

Salesforce has introduced Optimizer to evaluate your Salesforce org implementation which determines how your company uses "certain" Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve.  This is available for free for everyone. You can run Optimizer in sandbox/production to receive... Continue Reading →

Salesforce University APAC – Certification Prep Webinars (Apr-May 2017)!

Update: To register for May to July Webinars - Register Here Salesforce is excited to launch the FREE Certification Prep Webinar Series running this April in APAC. If you are serious about getting yourself or your team Salesforce Certified you are in luck... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Developer Certification Expiration Timeline

As you all know Salesforce Developer Certification (401) has been retired starting Feb 2017, and many are confused on the next process - especially when to take the transition exam and when to stop doing the maintenance exam. I have already... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Certification Tracks

Here's the handy Salesforce Certification Paths!

Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

SfdcFanBoy joins other Salesforce experts to be featured in Mason Frank's Salesforce Administration Certification guide. Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

Bulk Scheduling Dashboard Refresh using Apex Batch

Good stuff from Cloudy Affair!

cloudy ☁ affair

One fine day, I was browsing through the questions on Answers Community. A gentleman posted that his organization had over 150 dashboards which need to be refreshed simultaneously at a particular time of the day and currently they are doing it manually, which I understood was a tremendous overhead. I thought for a while and started posting an answer pointing towards whats stopping him to schedule a dashboard refresh. But then I thought maybe I should check the documentation and what I found was –

  • “Run Reports” & “Schedule Dashboards” permissions is necessary to refresh dashboard and schedule dashboard refresh respectively. [AB : Ok, thats fine.]
  • Unlimited and Performance Edition users can schedule up to two dashboard refreshes an hour per day. Enterprise Edition users can schedule up to one dashboard refresh an hour per day. [AB : Wooh, Whatttt!]
  • Additional scheduled dashboards may be available for purchase.  [AB : Makes sense, performance…

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Salesforce Certification Exam Results In Section Percentages (%)

Salesforce Certification results now shows "% scores" for each of the sections in the exam along with "Pass/Fail" result. The sections provided in your results directly relate to the sections listed in the exam outline of the study guide. If... Continue Reading →

Spring 17 Reports & Dashboards Updates in Lightning Experience

In this post, I'm highlighting all the new features introduced into Reports & Dashboards specially for Lightning Experience with Spring 17 release. There are quite a few updates to Lightning though few are old and existing in Classic Salesforce. To set up Einstein... Continue Reading →

Spring 17 Release – Lightning App Builder Updates

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 In this post, I will highlight all the new features introduced into Lightning App Builder with Spring 17 release. To set up Einstein & its Features, learn here (screenshots added). Read the highlights from All of the Spring... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Code Scanner – Health Check

As a Salesforce Developer, have you ever worried about the code in your Salesforce org and wanted to check if: the code you have written/existing code is in line with the best practices? you have followed the coding guidelines suggested... Continue Reading →

Salesforce’s Certifications Expiring!

The expected has happened - Salesforce is completely "retiring" its Developer Certifications namely, Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer. Yes you read that right, these 2 certifications are about to expire! In September 2015, Salesforce has stopped... Continue Reading →

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