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My Single Page CV

Recently, I have read in a news blog that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has created a Single Page CV for herself - all of her work experience, education, including her daily activities.  Quite impressed, I thought if Yahoo CEO can... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Trailhead Profile Widget

I have designed this little Trailhead Profile Widget that has trail head stats.  As Salesforce Trailhead freaks, I thought there should be a consolidated stats of the trailhead modules we complete.  Here's the one I designed This can be treated more... Continue Reading →

Awesome Global Picklists

Update: This article was written when Global Picklists was launched.  Salesforce has now renamed Global Picklists to Picklist Value Sets.   Do you want to use same pick list values in different objects across the system?  Global Picklists is your answer!... Continue Reading →

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