A Tip A Day #15 – Salesforce for Beginners!

This post is a part of the daily blog series 

A Tip A Day, daily dosage of learning!

 Day #15 – Salesforce for Beginners!

Where to get started in trailhead? is the common question raised because Trailhead is a Library now.  Finding the right block of books is important in starting your learning journey with Salesforce.

Trailhead has Admin-Beginner modules but there are over 75 modules in it too.  Which ones to start with?  In this blog post, I’ve identified the important modules among these 78 Admin-Beginner module for any beginner and also “sorted” them in the order in which they need to learn.  That is the key learning from this post – which modules to pick in the Admin-Beginner level.

Trailhead has introduced Trailmixes – combination of Trails, modules.  I have used these trailmixes to create 4 of them to categorize your learning process.

Trailmixes are custom learning paths you create from your favorite trails, modules, projects, and super badges.

  1. Introduction to Salesforce Ecosystem
  2. Customization of Salesforce features
  3. Salesforce Lightning Experience
  4. Extras – to cover additional offerings of Salesforce.









You can track progress of each of these trailmixes too so you know where you left off to continue!  Happy learning!


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