New MVP – Pritam Shekhawat shares his journey

Pritam Shekhawat has been awarded with MVP status by Salesforce in September 2017 for his outstanding contribution to Salesforce community in sharing knowledge, leadership skills, and showing creativity within the Salesforce Community.  Here is his journey to MVP status in his own words!


Brief Intro about yourself? What do you do?

I am working as a 3x Certified Salesforce developer as well I am a co-leader of Noida Salesforce user group with Vinay Chaturvedi.  I  do blog and an active participant on success community since last 2 years with almost 9.5k answers. Most important thing which I like about Salesforce is giving back. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back.  I volunteered IndiaDreamin 2017 and this success motivates me to be my best next year and so on.

If you are somewhere around Noida/Greater Noida Delhi/NCR/Faridabad, Join us at Noida UG to learn, share & succeed together –

How do you feel being a new MVP?

As such I never targetted MVP, but that’s an amazing title to be nominated for and an opportunity to stand among the best of the community contributors. Its real pleasure to contribute towards the most respected and vibrant Salesforce community, that’s what keep me motivated.

What was your motivation to become a MVP? Insipration?

Being a co-leader in Noida User Group and answering the questions in Answer Community was started when I really got inspired by Vinay Chaturvedi and that turns into passion. Becoming MVP was never a thought but learning from the #Ohana and then giving back was the main motive. Vinay guided me all the way and with the right direction that after becoming an MVP we can do a lot more for the community.  Now I’m extremely honored to be among all those Salesforce MVPs who are doing a lot for the community and #SalesforceOhana

Message for future MVP aspirants?

For future MVP aspirants I would say, just focus on your tasks and give the best in everything you do to help our Salesforce community and I would like to say that find that driving passion inside you for Salesforce / #Ohana and get that coming out. The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking..!!


Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  You truly are a great inspiration and contribution you have done in the success community is immeasurable!

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