New MVP – Abhilasha Singh shares her journey

Abhilasha Singh, has been awarded with MVP status by Salesforce in September 2017 for her outstanding contribution to Salesforce community in sharing knowledge, leadership skills, and showing creativity within the Salesforce Community.  Here is her journey to MVP status in her own words.

Brief Intro about yourself? What do you do?

I am a Salesforce Developer, having 3 salesforce certifications. I am leading Salesforce India Virtual WIT and Hyderabad WIT group . I am involved in Salesforce non-profits. I am an active blogger ().  I blog about salesforce new learning. I am big fan of trailhead, currently I have 280 badges, many more to come.

Facebook Page – Salesforce India WIT

How do you feel being a new MVP?

Being Salesforce MVP is dream come true, and after the official announcement, my confidence has increased to do more and more for our Salesforce Ohana.  I am related to salesforce since 2012, and the best part is salesforce has given me everything professionally, that a professional expects when he/she starts his/her carrier.

What was your motivation to become a MVP? Insipration?

Every single women, who is working as a mother, wife or daughter and goes to a job to make living and even though takes some time out to do something for the community.

Message for future MVP aspirants?

Start helping others on Success Community and Developer Forum.  Give back to the Community what you have learned.


Thank you Abhilasha for sharing your story with all of us.  You truly are a great inspiration to many of us and women all over the world.

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