A Tip A Day #16 – Report on Duplicate Records in Salesforce

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 Day #16 – Report on Duplicate Records in Salesforce

Salesforce has configuration setup to identify duplicate records when users create new records.  While setting it up, you have an option to 1) alert the user about it and show the possible duplicates and 2) have the ability to report on these duplicate records created.

In the below screenshot, you can see I checked “Alert” as well as “Report”.

  • Alert lets the user see the Alert text with possible duplicates.
  • Report lets the Administrator of the system to check if the users have gone onto create duplicate records and report on the duplicate sets.


In this post, I will be talking about how to generate those duplicate reports because it is not straight forward.

Steps to create a report on Duplicate Records

  1. First create a new Report Type (Setup –> Report Types).
  2. In the object Relationships of the Report Type:
    • Choose Primary object as “Duplicate Record Sets”
    • Choose related object as “Duplicate Record Items”


3. Save the Report Type.  I named the report type as Duplicate Records.


4.  Now create a new Report.  Select the newly created Report Type, Duplicate Records, as the report type for this report.

5.  Add Record Set Name and Record Item Name to the report.  Group by Record Set Name.

If a user has created 3 duplicate records in the System, there will be 1 Duplicate Record Set and 3 Duplicate Record Items linked to the Set.

The below report shows the Duplicate Record Sets and the related Duplicate Record Items.



If you open the Duplicate Record Set, it shows the actual duplicate records too as highlighted below.



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11 Replies to “A Tip A Day #16 – Report on Duplicate Records in Salesforce”

  1. Once you merge your record, how to best remove record from reporting on duplicates report in the future? Delete the Duplicate Record Item record? What is the best practice?


  2. Created a report showing duplicates accounts.But the report not showing the duplicate accounts of domestic account type


  3. Just found this and set it up. Great tip, thanks!

    Do you happen to know what it means when only the record set displays with a count of 1 and there’s only 1 record name below? (last record the example posted above has this DR-000000000011).

    I understand: “If a user has created 3 duplicate records in the System, there will be 1 Duplicate Record Set and 3 Duplicate Record Items linked to the Set.”
    but haven’t been able to figure out why I have Duplicate Record sets with only 1 item in them. When I look at the record name in these sets and search on the Contact name via Global Search, there are not duplicates.. so not sure why that shows in the report. thanks!!


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