249 Replies to “How to Prepare for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification”

  1. Thanks Manish for this wonderful piece of information. Content and compilation is great. Its of great help. Can you pls prepare similar guide for Marketing Cloud Consultant as well.


  2. hi,can u help me answer the question?
    A marketer wants to send a transactional email that is CAN-SPAM compliant. Which three criteria should be met to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM Act? Choose 3 answers

    A. The email body presents any commercial content prior to the transactional content
    B. The subject line is transactional in nature and non-promotional
    C. The email confirms a commercial transaction between the recipient and sender
    D. The email body presents the transactional content prior to the any commercial content
    E. The subject line contains a promotion to entice the recipient

    I would say BCD but I’m not sure


  3. Northern Trail Outfitters would like to use a File Drop Starting Source in Automation Studio to send shipping tracking emails when orders are dispatched. A delimited text file containing all the data for the send will be uploaded to a designated directory on the Enhanced FTP Account, and the email should be sent to customers when the file transfer has completed.
    What is the correct sequence of Activities for this File Drop Starting Source?

    A. File Transfer Activity > Send Email
    B. File Transfer Activity > Import File Activity > Send Email
    C. Import File Activity > File Transfer Activity > Send Email
    D. Import File Activity > Send Email

    I think the ans is D.
    I didnt select B because the incoming file is not zipped or encrypted so need to use File transfer activity.

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    1. I did a little research and found that D cannot be an answer because, in order for the import activity to start, it needs to know the incoming file naming pattern. And the question doesn’t mention that. So we need to start with a file transfer activity to move it to the FTP location with a fixed file pattern so the next step (import activity) could start.

      Please confirm if my logic is correct.


  4. A marketing team is using two systems to send emails. The team wants to maintain unsubscribe information between both of the systems. In order to remain complaint, they would like to update Marketing Cloud subscription status weekly based on unsubscribes from the other system.
    Which solution should they use to maintain subscriber status?
    A. Create a suppression workflow for the unsubscribed accounts
    B. Import unsubscribes into a data extension, then update status with a query
    C. Create an automation triggered on unsubscribes from the other system
    D. Import unsubscribes with the appropriate status into All Subscribers

    What is Suppression workflow?


  5. A subscriber unsubscribes upon receiving an email from Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO). At the bottom of the NTO email, the subscriber sees three links: Manage Subscriptions, Profile, Center, and One-Click Unsubscribe. The subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe
    Given that NTP is using the default subscription center, which two options are given when the subscriber clicks One-Click Unsubscribe?
    Choose 2 answers
    A. Subscriber can choose to resubscribe to the used for the send
    B. Subscriber can choose to be removed from the data extension
    C. Subscriber can choose to be unsubscribed from all NTP publications
    D. Subscriber can choose which publications to unsubscribe from.

    B is deftly not the ans.
    C is an answer.
    I have confusion between A and D


  6. 7. A marketer needs to share report results with a manager.
    When using Reports in the Marketing Cloud user interface, which options can be deliver the report to the manager?
    Choose 3 answers
    A. Save the report as a Snapshot
    B. Text a link to the report
    C. Save the report to an FTP folder
    D. Email the report
    E. Notify the manager with a pop-up

    I feel the answer is A,C and D.
    Just wanted to ask if B is possible?


  7. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) would like to target members who recently reviewed and opened any promotional email with the subject line “NTO Spring Sale”
    Which feature should be used to target these members?
    A. Engagement Split
    B. Group Refresh
    C. Email Send Report
    D. SQL Query Activity

    Just wanted to make sure that A is the answer.


  8. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is currently sending out a single welcome email when a subscriber joins its myNTO Rewards program, NTO wants to test whether one, two, or three welcome email would result in a higher rate of conversion.
    How can this be accomplished most efficiently?
    A. Journey Builder using a Random Split with three branches
    B. Automation Studio with three separate Welcome automations.
    C. A series of A/B tests to determine the number of emails
    D. Journey Builder using a Decision Split with three branches

    There are three emails to be tested. Hence, cannot do A/B testing.
    So, I feel D is the answer.


  9. While testing an email with dynamic content in Content Builder, proofs of five content variations need to be reviewed directly in the inbox of a marketer’s quality assurance specialist and the marketing manager. A data extension named “my TestData” contains only the variations needed.
    Which method should be used to accomplish this task?
    A. Choose data extension of contacts, and then choose to send “Based on Recipient Test Data Extension”
    B. Create a Test data extension that contains the five content variations the two tea members need to validate.
    C. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs, and the select the specific records from a list or data extension whose rendering should be sent.
    D. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs, and then choose to send “Bases on Subscriber Preview ‘myTestData’”

    I feel the answer is D. Because that the best way to do it.


  10. An account has Subscriber Key enabled, and will be providing a unique key for each subscriber from an external system. A marketer wants to create a data extension for sending email campaigns.
    Which two steps should be the marketer take when creating the data extension?
    Choose 2 answers
    A. Set the column with Subscriber Key as Primary Key
    B. Set the Email address column as Primary Key
    C. In properties, check the “Is Sendable” option
    D. Relate the Email Address to Subscriber Key

    I feel ans is A and C.
    I don’t think D is an answer because Subscriber should to related to a unique identifier.
    Please correct if I am wrong


  11. A marketing team needs to narrow down a customer population of several million subscribers based on eCommerce order details, and rapidly explore the data to find appropriate segments.
    What tool should the marketing team use?
    A. Audience builder
    B. Profile attributes
    C. Filters (drag and drop segmentation)
    D. Data extract activity

    confusion is between A &C . please confirm ?


  12. A data administrator is creating a new data extension to store product catalog data. Character length limit is specified for each field.
    What are two benefits of ensuring field lengths are accurate? Choose 2 answers.

    A. To optimize import process speed
    B. To save the data extension
    C. To determine the correct data type
    D. To ensure data integrity

    I feel the answer is A and D. But not sure if they are right ones. Chose them by process of elimination

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  13. NTO would like to improve email open rates to increase subscriber engagement and improve deliverability.
    What action should NTO take to increase open rates?

    A. Include relevant preheader text in every email
    B. Send earlier in the day to give subscribers more time to check emails
    C. User images, not text, to improve email look and branding
    D. Add a clear, brief, and urgent call-to-action

    Confusion is between A &C .can you please confirm ?
    Just curious how the preheader text will increase the open rates


    1. If it is regarding open rate, the answer will be subject and preheader as these are the only 2 things a customer can see to decide whether to open the email or not.

      Preheader is the text below the subject line that can be set for every email.


  14. Northern Trail Outfitters just sent an HTML email to subscribers that contains a link to the wrong landing page for a particular campaign.
    Which option minimizes the impact of this error?

    A. Locate the job under Tracking and update the URL in the Job Links tab.
    B. Have Support recall the email if it has not yet been opened by a subscriber.
    C. Send another email to the same subscribers containing the correct link.
    D. Update the link in the stored email content and it will be pulled in automatically.

    I feel the ans is D here.
    I didnt select A because changing link in job tracking will only reflect in that particular send and we dont know if that send is completed or not


    1. It should be A. The question is how to fix the error for that wrong send. Even if send is complete or not, the URL will be fixed. Answer is A. If you update the link in email content (D), it won’t be pulled in automatically to the sent emails.


  15. Q. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) needs to use a point-and-click tool to test segmentation rules and verify that the correct subscribers are included in the segment. NTO will need to automate the refreshing of the segment once it is tested.
    Which two tools should be used to test and configure the segment?

    A. Filter Activity
    B. Filtered Group
    C. Data Filter
    D. SQL Query Activity

    I feel the ans is C and D


  16. NTO has a small catalog of items featured in company emails. The NTO marketing team manages what images, copy, suggested items, and call-to-action are used with each item in this catalog within a database. This data is saved into a data extension in the Marketing Cloud and then called into the emails dynamically.
    Each time a change is made to the content, a new, updated file is dropped on NTO’s FTP. A proof email is then sent to business stakeholders for final approval.
    Using automation studio, how can NTO ensure that the catalog stays up-to-date?

    A. Create an API-driven process to put the data directly into the data extension when any data is changed.
    B. Create a file drop automation to import the file when placed on the specified directory on the Enhanced FTP
    C. Create a scheduled automation that runs every 15 minutes to import the file multiple times a day
    D. Create a scheduled automation to import the file, and send proof emails each morning when changes were detected

    We feel B is the answer, Can you please confirm


  17. Q. Northern Trail Outfitters is looking at using Journey Builder rather than Automation Studio to send emails.
    What are the three benefits of using Journey Builder? Choose 3 answers.

    A. Criteria setting to segment contacts based on behaviour using SQL.
    B. Extracting data from an Audience data extension for analysis.
    C. Goal setting to have the system listen to see if users met the goal.
    D. A/B/N testing as part of the workflow to conduct timing and creative tests.
    E. Updating or creating Salesforce CRM objects or records

    I feel the answers are:-
    1. C
    2. E
    3. B and D. Not sure about the third ans


  18. The marketing team at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is working to make newsletter emails more relevant to subscribers. The first step is to segment subscribers, so NTO is not sending a “batch and blast” newsletter. The second step is to personalize content based on the data that has been collected from subscribers.

    What are two ways NTO can continue to improve the relevance of its newsletter?

    A. Use a substitution string to populate a subscriber’s name in the subject line.
    B. Change the colour of the email background to match their subscribers’ preferred color of choice.
    C. Create content tailored to subscribers’ interests and use dynamics rules to populate relevant choice.
    D. Use a substitution string to populate a photo of the subscriber in the header of the email

    I think the answer is A and C.

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  19. Hi team,
    I am planning to appear SFMC email specialist Certification, can you please help me with the pre requisites and help docs for the preparation and also tips and schedules are more appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Manideep (manideep7003@gmail.com)


  20. Hi,

    I have found your blog and it is super exciting, but I can’t find the information of the courses on my developer account. I dont know wheter it is because developer web has been modified by salesforce or because I am kind of dummy.

    Could you please give me more details of how to find the 9 courses that you have mentioned?


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  21. Help!

    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to leverage Content Builder templates to streamline the email creation process. For its monthly email newsletter, NTO includes content specific to the company’s loyalty and non-loyalty members. How should NTO build the email?

    A. Create dynamic content with a SQL Query activity.
    B. Create a template-based email using dynamic content.
    C. Create multiple versions of the email for loyalty and non-loyalty members.
    D. Create a template and lock content In the template.

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  22. Help!
    A company has set out to increase their subscriber base. They hired a team of marketing consultants to develop an acquisition plan backed by data. What are two effective methods to acquire new subscribers? Choose 2 answers

    A. Require customers to provide their email address when calling customer service.
    B. Create an in-store SMS campaign that offers a discount for opting in.
    C. Have customers opt in to email before they can shop online.
    D. Ask for an email address when a customer makes a purchase in-store.

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  23. help!
    A marketing manager needs to evaluate two creative versions to determine which is more effective in increasing sales conversions and If this correlates to the version that receives the most clicks. Which two A/B test options should be used? Choose 2 answers

    A. The test administrator selects the desired audience test segment sizes.
    B. The test administrator manually selects the version to send tothe remainder.
    C. The system automatically sends the winning version to the remainder audience.
    D. The test administrator chooses which subscribers to place in each audience.

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  24. help!
    A marketer at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has been tasked with growing its email subscriber audience. Which three best practices should the marketer keep in mind while trying to acquire new email subscribers? Choose 3 answers

    A. Tell customers why they want to receive NTO emails.
    B. Set expectations on send frequency and schedule.
    C. Automatically opt-in all new customers.
    D. Ask for detailed demographic information.
    E. Use explicit opt-in for any new web sign-ups.

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        1. To acquire new subscribers, getting their detailed demographic information (D) is NOT a must whereas it is mandatory to get opt-ins (E). And you cannot automatically opt-in all new customers, so C is out of the equation.


  25. help!
    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to ensure its emails are meeting subscriber expectations and enticing engagement. Which two best practices should NTO employ when sending email? Choose 2 answers

    A. Send generic content to appeal to all audiences.
    B. Send multiple emails a day to keep the brand top of mind.
    C. Set cadence expectations up front with subscribers.
    D. Use subscriber data to dynamically populate email content.

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  26. help!

    A company has one million subscribers. The company has a Master data extension that contains information about its subscribers, such as Email Address, Physical Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Loyalty information. There are 40 fields in the data extension. The data is used for multiple daily email campaigns. How should the data be updated?

    A. A scheduled automation to import a file containing all of their subscribers.
    B. A scheduled automation to occur every 15 minutes to ensure the data is current.
    C. A file drop automation to execute an import every time a record is updated or added.
    D. A scheduled automation to import a nightly file of updated or changed records.

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  27. help
    Which feature can be included in a content box? (Choose 3)

    A) Facebook Like
    B) Social Forward
    C) Content Detective
    D) Forward to a Friend
    E) Microsites


  28. When using a mobile-optimized template, what causes the mobile layout to display?

    A. The screen size of the device that is used to view the email
    B. The specific device that is used to view the email
    C. The email client detection tracking pixel
    D. A subscriber attribute that dictates a mobile layout preference



  29. A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this be accomplished? (Choose 2)
    A.Create restricted values
    B.Select the attribute as required
    C.Select the data type as Text
    D.Set a custom maximum length of six

    A/B or A/C?


  30. hi,please help!

    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) would like to evaluate which email content customers click most frequently. The email team wants to track click behavior for all linked hero images using the naming convention “Hero_CTA.” Which two different methods would ensure click behavior on these images if tracked with this naming convention? Choose 2 answers

    A. Include Hero_CTA1 In the filename for each Hero Image.
    B. Add “Hero_CTAn to the Tracking Alias field for each link.
    C. Include an alias attribute in each anchor tag and populate it with “Hero_CTA.”
    D. Include “Hero_CTA” in the Link Tooltip field for each link.


  31. HI
    can u help me answer the question?
    A marketing team has switched from the Classic Editor to Content Builder in Email Studio. All images, content blocks, and emails were saved in one folder. How should these saved items be found in Content Builder?

    A. Create folders and move content
    B. Filter based on content type
    C. Add tags to each piece of content
    D. Rename content to be alphabetical


  32. Hi again,

    I found another one :

    Northern Trail Outfitters is using a Smart Capture form on a CloudPage to capture contest registrations in a data extension. Corporate has requested a nightly file with all registrants in this data extension be sent daily from Marketing Cloud to an external SFTP.
    Which automation configuration should be used to achieve this? 

    A. Schedule Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
    B. Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity 
    C. File Drop Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
    D. File Drop Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity

    I would say A !


    1. I believe it should be B. You are not extracting from multiple sources, or doing any filtering, so an SQL Query should not be necessary. You are extracting all data from the data extension at a scheduled time, therefore it should be Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract > File Transfer

      In real world ideally you would put a verification step between data extract and file transfer as well to confirm the expected number of records was extracted.


  33. A 15-person management team wants to review test emails built in Email Studio prior to live deployment based on content that is personalized for them, but is clearly noted as a test email. What is the safest, most effective way for a marketer to accomplish this task without compromising the email content?

    A. Create a data extension composed of the management team, create a User-Initiated Send Definition, select the email, prepend “Test” to the Subject, select the data extension, and send the email.
    B. Find each individual with Subscriber Preview and Test Send to each individual Recipient.
    C. Create a list composed of the management team, prepend “Test” to the Subject, and use the Send Flow to send the email to the list.
    D. Create a Test data extension composed of the management team and Test Send to the Test data

    I would say D !


  34. Great indeed it is clear 🙂

    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) would like to target members who recently received and opened any promotional email with the subject line “NTO Spring Sale.” What feature should be used to target these members?

    A. SQL Query Activity
    B. Email Send Report
    C. Engagement Split
    D. Group Refresh

    I would say B


    1. This is a tricky one. If you read the question again, it says “…any promotional email with a specific subject line”. It could be multiple emails.
      So, you need a SQL Query activity to query data views to get the subscribers from multiple emails. While Email Send Report gives that data, but you can only export that data and do nothing else directly where as with SQL Query Activity, you can add an email step following it to target them immediately.

      P.S additional questions, start in a new comment thread pls. Thanks


  35. Hi,

    I am preparing the certification and I cannot find the correct answer for this question. Could you help me please ?

    As part of a daily shipping notification automation, Northern Trail Outfitters needs to join data from the Shipping data extension and the Purchase data extension.
    What activity is designed to address this scenario? 

    A. Group Refresh
    B. Filter Activity
    C. File Transfer Activity 
    D. SQL Query Activity

    I would say D as we have to join two data extensions.



      1. Thanks a lot !!
        I have also some other questions if possible 🙂
        A marketer is building a highly personalized email that is sent daily to one million subscribers. The data needed for the email is located in several extensions.
        What feature should the marketer use to merge the data into a single data extension to improve sending.

        A. Profile Management
        B. Data Filters
        C. File Triggers
        D. SQL Query Activities

        I would say D also for same reason 🙂 but I was hesitating with the B


          1. Very clear ! thanks a lot ! I will pass on next week the exam 🙂
            The last one I have is this one:

            A national public university distributed a newsletter to alumni, students, faculty, and prospective students. The university´s marketing team wants to see the results of the email campaign.
            Which two items of information and data about the performance of an individual send can be exported from Tracking in Email Studio?
            (Choose 2 answers)

            A. Images showing how the email rendered on different devices
            B. Number of clicks from mobile devices
            C. Performance data on the Overview tab
            D. Subscribers who click on a specific link

            I would say B and D.
            I hesitate to choose C rather than B but I found it too general

            Thanks in advance

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                  1. Ok thanks, The first one is:

                    1- A customer has a Send Log they are using to track the email addresses that were sent to, date and time of the send, and the name of the email sent for reporting purposes. Per best practice, the customer stores 30 days of data in their Send Log and then archives the data into another data extension that holds data for one year.
                    Which activity should be used to achieve the backup automatically?

                    A. Filter
                    B. Data Extract
                    C. Import File
                    D. SQL QuerY

                    I would say B or D but I am not very sure.


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