Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Summer ’17 Release Exam




Reference: Summer 17 Release Notes



36 Replies to “Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Summer ’17 Release Exam”

  1. Hi this is a very informative Salesforce related website. share the links to Administrator and Developer 1 Summer maintenance exam? They seem to be private.


  2. Hi I have a set of 2016 Dumps of 120 question + I added 5 from your list, do u think are they suffice to pass the exam? can anyone plz help me here


  3. Hi,

    Can you help me how to find out my percentage of ADM 201 exam.

    ection-Level Scores:
    Organization Set-Up (Global UI): 0%
    User Setup: 33%
    Security and Access: 62%
    Standard and Custom Objects: 22%
    Sales and Marketing Applications: 12%
    Service and Support Applications: 37%
    Activity Management and Collaboration: 0%
    Data Management: 50%
    Analytics – Reports and Dashboards: 66%
    Workflow/Process Automation: 0%
    Desktop and Mobile Administration: 50%
    AppExchange: 0%


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    1. Hi,
      I can see there are just 5 questions here whereas the actual exam has 60. Can you post or mail me the entire exam’s dumps.


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