32 Replies to “How to Prepare for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification”

  1. I appeared for the exam and i found the questions were really tricky.. i couldn’t get through and i am planning to retake in another month. Please post topics or questions dumps that will help us prepapre

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      1. Hi Krishna, I agree with you we can learn a lot even when we fail.. existing dumps are not of much help.. looks like the questions where updated after november and new set of questions are more twisted.. both question and also the choices given… we can depend on existing dumps for about 5% or lesser than that

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    1. oh-oh! Sorry to hear that. Sure I will add more posts on email specialist topics. But have you got a good understanding of the questions/topics I mentioned in section #7 above? Those will be really useful. Anyway, I will be adding more soon.


      1. Yes It was really very much helpful but what i felt questions where more tricky. more of scenerio based questions. Discussions in Forums like this will be good we can have detailed understanding of any concept. Questions about Send throttle Data Query Data extract was asked in the exam


    2. also answers for some questions were wrong , not sure of correct answers.Krishna is it possible to review on your part if i will send some questions as i have doubt


  2. Hi Manish ,
    I am planning to give exam next month…I am new to SFMC someone told me that it’s is very difficult complete the exam. recently (this month) they SF changed every thing the dumps are not working is that true?

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    1. Hello Krishna. This isn’t the hardest of certifications from Salesforce. But if you are new to SFMC, you need a good amount of time to prepare. I was new to SFMC too when I appeared for this test, make sure to follow the preparation guide I posted. SF won’t change an entire exam in 1 release!! Very few new questions will be added. Don’t entirely rely on dumps as answers are also wrong on the web. All the best


  3. Hi Manish, thank you for such great article.you mentioned certification free preparation webinar link in your post, i checked that and did not find webinars for marketing cloud email specialist for 2018, could you send any link if you have for any future date?

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  4. Qus: I understand that, Subscriber Key is unique identifier and we can also use same email address multiple times but with different Subscriber key. So in that case, when one unsubscribes, what happens to other subscribers which share same email id but have different Sub. key when email is sent?

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    1. When a user unsubscribes, the system unsubscribes the user based on subscriber key, not the email address. Even if they share the same email address, for the system it is still different subscribers because the subscriber keys are different for each. (The subscriber key is not email address in your scenario)

      Sub1 – email@test.com – Unsubscribed
      Sub2 – email@test.com – Active
      Sub3 – email@test.com – Active

      The subscribers sub2 and sub3 continue to receive emails. Hope that clears.


  5. Hi Manish,

    First of all, thank you for this great article! I am planning to do the exam, and am studying right now. However, I get confused by subscriber key and primary key? What is the difference?


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    1. Hi Lupe, you’re welcome. Glad to know you liked it. Well about your question:
      Primary Key is a unique identifier in your Data Extension. The uniqueness is within the boundaries data extension itself. (Similar to Primary key in SQL table). Ex: Employee Id in Employee data extension.

      Subscriber Key is also unique key but this is unique throughout the system for your email subscriber records.


    1. In general – Data Extract Activity is used to transform the file in ftp to import into sfmc. (transform from XML to comma delimited, tab delimited etc). Remember Data Extract is for transformation/extraction.

      Filter and Query are used for filtering data. Query is used for advanced filtering like querying for multiple data views. Filter is for straightforward filters (on profile attributes).


    1. Is Sendable : Indicates whether you intend this data extension to have messages sent to it. This checkbox determines whether the data extension is available to use as part of sends.

      Is Testable : This field indicates whether you intend this data extension to have test messages sent to it. To mark the DE as “Is Testable”, it should be first “sendable”!

      Hope this clarifies. All the best for your exam.


  6. Hi Manish ,
    I am planning to give exam by next month and you have explained the stages of certification prearation so well.
    Excellent research and way you have articulated.
    Thanks for sharing

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