287 Replies to “How to Prepare for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification”

  1. HELP!
    A marketer for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) needs to dynamically update the sender name and email address based on the sales representative associated with the account. The data is stored in two separate data extensions.
    Which two tools should the marketer use?
    Choose 2 answers
    A. Delivery Profiles
    B. Personalization Strings
    C. AMPscript Lookup
    D. Sender Profiles

    Kindly suggest, confusion


  2. HELP!

    Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is implementing the Marketing Cloud and is unsure whether to use lists or data extensions. Their consultant recommended they use data extensions.
    Which three considerations did the consultant take into account when recommending a data extension based model over Lists?
    Choose 3 answers
    A. NTO needs flexible data storage.
    B. NTO has fewer than 250,000 subscribers.
    C. NTO is storing product and store data.
    D. NTO has fewer than 15 data points.
    E. NTO will be using Journey Builder.

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  3. HELP!!

    While testing an email with dynamic content in Content Builder, proofs of five content variations need
    to be reviewed directly in the inbox of a marketer’s quality assurance specialist and the marketing
    manager. A data extension named ‘myTestData’ contains only the variations needed.
    Which method should be used to accomplish this task?
    A. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs, and then choose to send “Based on Subscriber Preview
    B. Enter the email addresses to receive proofs, and then select the specific records from a list or data
    extension whose rendering should be sent.
    C. Choose data extension of contacts, and then choose to send “Based on Recipient Test Data
    D. Create a Test data extension that contains the five content variations the two team members need to

    Kindly suggest the answer!


  4. Content Builder was recently enabled in a customer’s account after years of using the Classic Editor.
    To ensure marketers across the company are taking full advantage of Content Builder, which two best practices should the customer follow?
    Choose 2 answers
    A. Import all content up front, rather than piece by piece.
    B. Optimize the way content is stored with a naming convention.
    C. Create folders for each type of uploaded content.
    D. Plan for content to be used cross-channel, eliminating duplicates.

    Please suggest


  5. An email marketing team has been tasked with building a new email that pulls in personalized content based on customers’ preferences. The team has decided to create dynamic rules to accomplish this setup.
    What are the four elements that are required for the creation of a dynamic content rule?
    A. Lists, Value, Operator, Images
    B. Customers, Value, Operator, Content
    C. Preferences, Value, Operator, Lists
    D. Attribute, Value, Operator, Content

    Kindly suggest!


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