Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Preparation

Launched Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Administrator certification on Udemy - topics explained with videos. Become Salesforce Certified Professional.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Deployment

The topic of deployment in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is interesting because there are no Sandbox instances in Marketing Cloud.  No Dev, QA, Prod instances to think about deployments.  Instead, they got Business Units (BUs).  Don't confuse a BU with a Sandbox.  Business Unit is completely different from a Sandbox.  BU is NOT a Sandbox …


Trailhead & Salesforce University Merge – Free Certification Maintenance Exam on Trailhead

Update: The Path for Platform Developer II has been released in Trailhead   I was so excited when Trailhead announced that it was merging with Salesforce University (@SalesforceU).  That was really big news for me - Two learning giants of Salesforce getting together as ONE, centralising all learnings. Everyone was expecting some big …

ASIA Salesforce Certification Drive – 50% DISCOUNT

Hello Trailblazers ! Are you ready to get Salesforce certified in style ? Register to take your exam during the ASIA Certification Drive and you could collect yourself a nice shiny Salesforce credential along with some helpful supplies for the journey : 50% discount on your certification exam Exclusive Salesforce Swag Re-take voucher if you …

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