18 Replies to “Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification – Part 5 (Marketing Automation)”

  1. A marketer would like to automate a weekly email campaign using Automation Studio. The marketer
    needs to preconfigure the email so a colleague can set up the automation at a later date.
    How should the customer prepare this email for sending?
    A. Send Email
    B. Guided Send
    C. Send Preview
    D. Test Send


  2. A marketer uses Email Approvals. In which send process must an email have an “Approved” status prior to send? (Choose 3)
    A/B Tests

    Test Sends

    Send Previews

    Triggered Sends

    Scheduled Sends

    My choice is : B, D , E.
    Manish, Kindly share your choice?


  3. The NTO email team is creating a reusable content block for its deals to run with campaign. NTO will cross-promote this campaign in other emails in single-column content area. This content will have one image, with text below it. How can the NTO email team create one content area and reuse it across other emails using content builder without writing any custom HTML?
    Create a text content block

    Create a free form content block

    Create an HTML content block

    Create an image content block

    My choice is B.
    Manish, Please share your choice.


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