Take Customer Journey to Next Level with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation

Customer experience can make or break your business!

Do you think Marketing Cloud Automation can add value to the customer journey?

You might be writing the right messages but are they reaching the right audience or not: that is more important!

Well, with the right knowledge of how Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation can empower your business, you surely can!

Let us understand Salesforce Marketing Cloud before we move to know more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation and its benefits.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also abbreviated as SFMC is Salesforce’s marketing automation tool as well as customer interaction platform or cloud. It’s a SaaS platform. It comes with four “basic editions.” Each edition comes with differing capabilities and a slew of optional add-ons that boost functionality even more.

Looking back to its history, the core of SFMC was originally ExactTarget which was acquired by Salesforce in 2013. This is significant because the term “ExactTarget” is still occasionally used when referring to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you CAN!

All data may be maintained in one central area with Salesforce CRM. This facilitates communication between departments, as it is evident at each touchpoint what interactions have already occurred between the client and the organization. The Marketing Cloud can also automate these conversations. Furthermore, the data can be used to create customized and tailored client contact through a variety of digital platforms.

Products of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

1. Messaging and Automation

Email Studio, Interaction Studio, Journey Builder, and Mobile Studio: This enables businesses to develop specialized target groups and integrate data to achieve customized marketing.

2. Advertising and Data Products

Advertising Studio, Audience Studio, and Data Studio are included, allowing businesses to establish specific target groups and combine various data to achieve customized marketing.

3. Managing Social Media

Social Studio: Social studio helps businesses to monitor digital interactions and consequently participate immediately in critical discussions. Important company information might also be immediately published. 

4. Tracking & Analysis

Datorama and Google Analytics 360 are included: It is possible to examine the numerous marketing activities. Which activities are effective and which are ineffective? What is the overall success rate? And a lot more.

What is a Customer Journey in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Customer journey, in Marketing Cloud, refers to where, how, and when your campaign intersects with your consumers’ digital life. A customer journey is a marketing strategy that reinforces your brand and follows your client to ensure they receive information that is relevant to their actions. Email and text messages are included. This could include anything from welcoming a new customer to re-engaging with an inactive one. Customers can embark on multiple journeys at the same time, with each stage requiring a distinct type of customer communication.

Let us understand how it works so that we can offer the best!

SFMC can be used to build a wide range of Journeys with the data available from your business. 

Every step can be minutely curated to define what to offer to your customers at each of the steps. Some important types of values or data can be used to define the entry as well as the exit point of customers. These can be customer engagement scores, customer account creation data, or customer purchase history. 

One can determine the type of content that needs to reach their customer at a specific point or stage of the customer journey. This content type might be anything ranging from emails for different stages to simple texts sent at each stage, based on customer engagement levels.

All this can be done in Journey Builder. Businesses can even decide on totally removing or routing the customers to various branches of the journey based on their engagement or other relevant factors with enough data. 

Re-engaging old customers after a certain time, or similar campaigns benefiting the business could also be planned with the help of relevant data. Not just that, communication engagement can be planned for people who might be interested in repeat purchases of products or services. For example, a personalized message can be sent based on their past buying experiences, enticing them with discounts or coupons.  

More such journeys can be planned depending on the behavior patterns of the customers. This allows marketers to create targeted, articulate campaigns that give the most relevant content to each customer on an individual basis. 

Final Words

Hope you can now understand how you can use automated personalized customer journeys to adapt your reach to where your customers are now to maximize customer connection. The Journey Builder feature in Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the power to direct clients to your product offers while maintaining the level of interaction required to reinforce your brand and generate sales growth. The tool gives you a lot of versatility while saving you time and money by eliminating the need for IT developers to perform it for you. With the help of a visual wizard, you can plan various journeys by just dragging and dropping the relevant activities. This allows you to be more responsive to your clients’ demands because you can make modifications as needed to continue to customize your journey.


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