Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Preparation

Are you looking around to get started with the preparation for Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification? Look no further than this post. I’ve launched an Udemy course on this certification explaining the concepts with the demo of Marketing cloud, so you can get a feel of the Marketing cloud instance. And not only that we, the Marketing Champions, have organized a 12-day bootcamp specifically for this certification. All of these details and the links below.

Udemy Course

Get certified as Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator, learning the concepts of Digital Marketing and understand how to configure the Salesforce Marketing Cloud product not just by visualising but by actually looking at the product as this course gives you the videos of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool. The course covers all the topics mentioned in the certification study guide for the Administrator certification in detail.

Admin Certification Bootcamp

MCA Certification Bootcamp Presentations

Session 1 –

Session 2 –

Session 3 –

Session 4 –

Session 5 –

Session 6 –

Session 7 –

Session 8 –

Session 9 –

Other Marketing Cloud Courses

There’s more if you are looking to build your career into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Become an Email Specialist or a Consultant, using the course I’ve launched for both.

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification

Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification


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