New MVP – Junko Nakayama shares her journey

Junko Nakayama has been awarded with MVP status by Salesforce in September 2017 for her outstanding contribution to Salesforce community in sharing knowledge, leadership skills, and showing creativity within the Salesforce Community.  Here is her journey to MVP status in her own words!

Special thanks to Junko Nakayama for taking extra efforts in translating her original message written in Japanese to English for all of us.

As a note of gesture, I used google translator to re-translate the English version to Japanese for non-english readers!  Pardon me and google translator for any mistakes.

Brief Intro about yourself? What do you do?

I am a Salseforce developer and I usually customize my Salseforce environment.


How do you feel being a new MVP?

I am very happy and am surprised. I feel like I can challenge a lot more things.

私はとても幸せで、驚いています。 私はもっと多くのことに挑戦できる気がする。

What was your motivation to become a MVP? Insipration?

I started a Salseforce girls group in Japan from April this year. Ten events have been held so far.

今年4月から日本でSalesforceの女の子グループを始めました。 これまでに10件のイベントが開催されています。

event report:

Message for future MVP aspirants?

Everyone has the chance to be MVP! Take courage and take one step!

誰もがMVPになるチャンスがあります! 勇気を出して一歩踏み込んでください!


Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  You truly are a great inspiration.

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