Switching to Salesforce Technology? Join #Journey2Salesforce

The most common questions I receive from all those who are new into Salesforce technology especially those who are switching from a different technology into Salesforce are –

“How to learn Salesforce?”,

“How to build a career in Salesforce technology?”

“How do I get started in Salesforce?”

Well, I’m not going to repeat the same answer I mentioned in my earlier post – that start learning from the Trailhead modules I handpicked for you (though it is still one of the options).  This time I would say, I have a better answer and it is – “Join Journey2Salesforce” program.

Journey2Salesforce is a career development program designed by Salesforce to provide participants with training in Salesforce-related skills for free.

Just to give you a background, Trailhead was introduced by Salesforce as a fun learning tool for everyone.  It surely is an ocean now with hundreds of modules & trails in it – and is a bit overwhelming for those who want to get started.  Salesforce team does understand that and has started this Journey2Salesforce program – a super exciting journey for all those keen on switching to Salesforce technology and build a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

This epic program, currently launched for legal residents of India, will put you in an epic journey for 3+ months which includes structured learning, community mentoring and at the end of it puts you in front of the companies (prospective employers) that have partnered with Salesforce in this historic #Journey2Salesforce program.

#lightningStrikesIndia prices

There are 4 major aspects of this whole Journey2Salesforce program. 

1. Learn

Journey2Salesforce is a career development program designed to provide participants with training in Salesforce-related skills.  Using the power of Salesforce’s learning platform – Trailhead – this journey empowers you in using the modules that teach you everything from the fundamentals of the Salesforce platform to the automation, security, and custom coding that the platform provides.  The right Trailmixes (a combination of Trailhead trails) will be shared with you over the duration of this program.

2. Community Mentoring

Throughout the journey, you will also be given opportunities to meet/discuss with community mentors in #AskMeAnything (aka AMA) sessions.  In these sessions, you can ask the mentors any kind of questions from Salesforce technology to career paths to personality development as well.

3. Employer Connect

At the end of this program, you have the opportunity to connect with prospective employers who partner with Salesforce to meet prospective candidates like you, through this program.  Note that a job is NOT guaranteed.

4. Win Certification Vouchers & Swag

Salesforce always makes sure there’s some fun learning its technology.  And in this program too, you’ll chance to win some cool prizes upon reaching certain learning milestones and also free Salesforce certification vouchers throughout the journey.


This to me personally is a great opportunity for anyone looking to switch to Salesforce technology.  You learn, win cool swag, win certification vouchers, get mentored along by the community, pass certification exam, meet prospective employers and if all goes well you could grab the job on your first interview itself.


  • How much does it cost?
    • It is Free, yes!
  • How to join the Journey?
    • It is simple.  Just click on the ‘sign me up‘ or ‘start your journey‘ button in this Journey2Salesforce page.
  • How long is the program?
    • It is 3+ months approximately.
  • Is it only for legal residents of India?
    • For now, yes.  But surely Salesforce is considering to expand it further.
  • Is a job guaranteed at the end of the program?
    • Participation in the Program does not guarantee you employment with any Program partners or other companies, including Salesforce.
  • How many members have currently joined this Journey?
    • I’m told, as of Sep’ 2019, more than 4000 participants have already enrolled in this journey.
  • I’m a Student, can I join this program?
    • Anyone who is interested in learning Salesforce-related skills (and a legal resident of India) can join this program.
  • When will this program be available for other countries?
    • As of now, no timeline on it.  But Salesforce is surely considering to expand to other countries because of the success of the program in India.

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