Experience at Salesforce Camp Success Event in Singapore

Event Overview

Last month, I attended the Salesforce Camp Success event in Singapore, conducted on the 26th of September 2019 by Salesforce. This event was a first of its kind launched in Asia.  It was a day jam-packed with sessions and resources to help Salesforce customers.

It was more of an Adoption event (for existing Salesforce customers) by the Customer Success Group of Salesforce to help the customers maximize their usage and increase adoption.

Customer Success Group of Salesforce
Customer Success Group of Salesforce, the Organizers

Customers were able to select the sessions they prefer to attend.  There were different kinds of Sessions at the event:

  1. Theater Sessions,
  2. The incredibly popular Circle of Success small-group discussions (interactive and engaging) and
  3. Workshops (hands-on).

All 3 formats were different and have a style of its own.

1. Theatre Style Session – Top Tips For Launching Salesforce Implementations
2. Hands-on workshop
3. Circle of Success

I did manage to attend a few sessions on the day.  And it was great as there were a lot of sessions in my favorite ‘Circle of Success’ style.  The customers had a handful of sessions to choose from.

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 2.00.32 PM.png
Sessions for the event

My favorites sessions were – Planning Your Marketing Cloud Journey Strategy (Circle of success) & Success Stories of a few customers – Building Digital Transformation Strategy, PWC Journey to Digital Enablement.

Salesforce showcased their Marketing cloud platform and how customers have used Salesforce in different business scenarios to improve their business.  The strategy around digital transformation using Salesforce was quite interesting and useful.  Always good to hear from real customers about how they solved their problems.  To me, it was overall a well-packed suit of sessions

Aarthi, a Project Coordinator from INSEAD also attended the event as a customer.  In her own words about the event

“The success stories were really inspiring and gave us a view how everyone moved from one CRM platform to Salesforce.  The real stories helps us to do much better in our current project implementation and learn from others.  After the session we did had a chat with the SPH team who shared a lot of their experiences during implementation which was good learning.  Such success camps help to see current customers who are on the implementation phase and carry inputs from who have reached the success

“As a Project Coordinator of my current Salesforce implementation project at INSEAD, hearing the success story of SPH, I was able to reflect our present in their past. I could really go back and apply some of their experiences to my current scenario. The way SPH head presented it as well as answered the crowd was really amazing and inspiring 🙂

Digital Transformation from Salesforce was another useful session in terms of project planning and execution. All the risks were measured well and presented well by Salesforce.  In terms of project administration, this session was useful in terms of Project administration.”

More photos from the event



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