My Single Page Salesforce Resume

Recently, I have read a news blog that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has created a Single Page CV for herself – all of her work experience, education, including her daily activities.  Quite impressed, I thought if Yahoo CEO can fit her CV into a single page, then definitely I should be able to also with just 8 years of experience in IT.

So, I attempted and here it is.

[UPDATE – 2020]

Manish Thaduri Single Page Resume 2020

[UPDATE – 2018]

PDF: Manish_Thaduri_Resume_2018

One page resume salesforce


Here’s a downloadable PDF – Manish Thaduri Single Page CV

The hardest part was writing the descriptions of the job experiences, making it as short as possible and making sure I cover all my responsibilities in that role.  Good fun.

I welcome any feedback!


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