Trailhead – Free Certification Preparation Webinars November 2020!

All webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $70 or $100 DISCOUNT. The FREE Salesforce Certification Preparation webinars are back! 

Salesforce Salary & Market Trends Report 2018

Ever wondered how much you should be earning as a Salesforce professional? What products other Trailblazers are using? What makes Salesforce experts tick? The 2018 Salesforce Salary Survey aims to answer all of the above – and any other questions you might have about the Salesforce community.  The report is based on almost 28,000 data …


Free Certification Preparation Webinars by Salesforce – September 2018!

Free Certification Preparation Webinars by Salesforce. New schedules are here - September 2018!

Free Certification Prep Webinars (Aug 2019)!

The FREE Salesforce Certification Preparation webinars are back - #Certification Days Led by expert certified instructors, these 1-day virtual courses are open to everyone. Bonus! All webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $70 discount off of any $200 exam.  Select and attend one or more of the following preparation webinars. *Be sure to review, and …

Salesforce University APAC – Certification Prep Webinars (Apr-May 2017)!

Update: To register for May to July Webinars - Register Here Salesforce is excited to launch the FREE Certification Prep Webinar Series running this April in APAC. If you are serious about getting yourself or your team Salesforce Certified you are in luck - Salesforce University (APAC) is equally serious about enabling our customers to achieve their goals. …

Salesforce Developer Certification Expiration Timeline

As you all know Salesforce Developer Certification (401) has been retired starting Feb 2017, and many are confused on the next process - especially when to take the transition exam and when to stop doing the maintenance exam. I have already explained the dates and the transistion paths in my earlier post - Certification Expiration Here's …

Salesforce Certification Tracks

Here's the handy Salesforce Certification Paths!

Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

SfdcFanBoy joins other Salesforce experts to be featured in Mason Frank's Salesforce Administration Certification guide. Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

Salesforce Certification Exam Results In Section Percentages (%)

Salesforce Certification results now shows "% scores" for each of the sections in the exam along with "Pass/Fail" result. The sections provided in your results directly relate to the sections listed in the exam outline of the study guide. If you receive 90% for a specific section, that means you answered 90% of the questions …

My Single Page Salesforce Resume

Recently, I have read a news blog that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has created a Single Page CV for herself - all of her work experience, education, including her daily activities.  Quite impressed, I thought if Yahoo CEO can fit her CV into a single page, then definitely I should be able to also with just 8 …

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