Salesforce Developer Certification Expiration Timeline

As you all know Salesforce Developer Certification (401) has been retired starting Feb 2017, and many are confused on the next process – especially when to take the transition exam and when to stop doing the maintenance exam.

I have already explained the dates and the transistion paths in my earlier post – Certification Expiration

Here’s another useful chart that explains the Expiration Timeline based on the Salesforce quarterly releases.

Developer Exam Expiration Timeline sfdcfanboy

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2 Replies to “Salesforce Developer Certification Expiration Timeline”

    1. You are permitted unlimited attempts on the Salesforce release exams/modules required to maintain your credential(s). There is no cost to retake a release exam/module. So relax and attempt again. FYI, the latest maintenance exams of Admin are Here and PD1 Here

      (Only exception is Pardot Consultant and Specialist Spring ’17 Release Exam – 3 attempts only)


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