Salesforce Trailhead Profile Widget

I have designed this little Trailhead Profile Widget that has trail head stats.  As Salesforce Trailhead freaks, I thought there should be a consolidated stats of the trailhead modules we complete.  Here’s the one I designed


This can be treated more like a “digital business card of your trailhead profile”.  It  has the name (or an online nick name), total points earned through trailhead, number of badges earned and also the  number of super badges earned.

I have raised an idea with Salesforce that they should be able to generate this kind of Widget for everyone and be accessible from their own profiles.  And more useful if it will be a HTML code snippet, so we can just copy/paste in our blogs, websites, LinkedIn profiles and everywhere we want to show case our trailhead efforts.

Here’s the idea: Salesforce Trailhead Profile Widget.  Do up vote!

Before Salesforce can get this idea into action, you want this widget for you? Do get in touch me, I will make one for you right away!

You can leave your name/email in the comments below or leave a tweet here, I will be more than happy to make one for you too.


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