Lightning Navigation Menu – Change is Coming

If you are using Lightning Experience in your Salesforce instances, then by now you must be familiar with this view, the navigation menu on your left side.  The menu that holds all your tabs and helps in navigating you to different objects.  Now that is changing!

Lightning Navigation Menu

Yes, the vertical navigation menu is changing.  It will no longer be vertical.  It will no longer be a side menu. It will instead be a “Horizontal, Classic Salesforce Style, Tabbed, Top of the Page” menu!  And it looks something like this.

Horizontal Lightning Navigation Menu

We will be able to navigate to any items in the navigation bar just like before, but now we’ll also be able to access other apps, including Lightning apps that we can brand and customize to help our users work more efficiently.

What’s more is we will also have the option to specify the color of an app’s navigation bar. By default, the navigation bar is the friendly blue color we’re used to seeing in Salesforce.  And of course, we can change the branding logo at the top of the navigation menu. By default, the logo will be a blue square with the letters “Li”.

This change comes in Winter’17 Salesforce release and is irreversible!  So, we will no longer be able to go back to the vertical side menu after this is live in October 2016 (dates not finalized, yet).  Note that this is only for Lightning Experience, not for Salesforce1.

Feel free to chime in your questions on this in the comments section, I’ll be happy to answer!

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