A Tip A Day #4 – Formula To Add Months To Date Field (Easy? Read on!)

This post is a part of the daily blog series  A Tip A Day, daily dosage of learning!  Day #4 - Add Months to a Date field Requirement I have a Start Date field and No of Months field.  I need to calculate End Date using the 2 fields.  The idea is just just calculate the …


Salesforce Optimizer – Scan Your Org Customization

Salesforce has introduced Optimizer to evaluate your Salesforce org implementation which determines how your company uses "certain" Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve.  This is available for free for everyone. You can run Optimizer in sandbox/production to receive recommendations to: Improve features Clean up customizations Reduce complexity and Drive feature adoption. Features Evaluated …

How to add business days to a date in Salesforce formula ?

Good Post by Force-Base.Com!


Many a times we come across requirements wherein we are supposed to set the due date to a certain number of days from a particular date. Most of the times, organizations insist on setting it to certain number of business days later. This is the point where many admins get stuck figuring out how to add business days to a particular date. I have personally seen many questions asked regarding this in the Salesforce success and developer communities. So thought of writing a post on the same which might help these folks if they have to setup something similar in the future.

Suppose you want to set it to 14 days after a certain date and if you simply add 14 to the value of a date field, Salesforce formula will also include the weekends by default. So how do we override this ?

Well, to do that we need…

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