Salesforce Optimizer – Scan Your Org Customization

Salesforce has introduced Optimizer to evaluate your Salesforce org implementation which determines how your company uses “certain” Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve.  This is available for free for everyone.

You can run Optimizer in sandbox/production to receive recommendations to:

  • Improve features
  • Clean up customizations
  • Reduce complexity and
  • Drive feature adoption.

Features Evaluated by Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer evaluates the following features (I’m sure Salesforce will add more to these in future releases):

  • Fields
  • Apex triggers
  • Page layouts
  • Report types
  • Validation rules
  • Sharing rules
  • Administrator permissions

How to start?

To start your evaluation, go to Setup–> Monitoring –>Optimizer.  You can choose to run the Optimizer in Sandbox or Production.  After the analysis is complete, an email will be sent with a personalized Optimizer report (in pdf format) with advice and recommendations about how to improve the above mentioned features in your implementation.


Optimizer Results Overview

I ran the optimizer in my sandbox instance.  I got the results in my email inbox in minutes. Here are some highlights of the results from the 52 page pdf.

This is the overview page, where it clearly shows “warning” signs against each of the features and wherever there’s some optimization needed. Oh oh, too many warnings!


Then I went through them one by one, starting with the Field Usage Warning (#1 in the list above)

Field Usage

Wow, the Optimizer mentions that 53 Objects have several fields that were barely used in the last 6 months! This is exactly what we need to know.  The pdf clearly mentions the field names along with the field URLs for each of the 53 objects in the Appendix. (Now you know why the pdf is a long 52 page one).


And it also clearly recommends what actions we can take to fix the field usage issue along with resources!  Bliss, the Optimizer is amazing!


Similarly it shows the issues with the rest of the features.

Salesforce recommends to have not more than 30 sharing rules per object.  My organization has 1 object with over 30 sharing rules.




The optimizer clearly mentions what you should do for each of these issues which is very useful.  Why wait? Go ahead and try.  You’d love it!!

Earlier, I have written about Free Salesforce Code Scanner which scans all your apex code and gives you recommendations on how to improve it.


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