Salesforce + Communication Platform as a Service = More Efficient

Salesforce as a CRM tool handles all the customer data and the key customer relationship management using a wide range of out of the box features.  But more often than not, the conversations with the customers like closing deals, resolving customer support cases, engaging with the new leads, investor relationships, team collaboration, etc happens outside of Salesforce via phone calls, chat or through various apps.  So, not all the conversations directly happen in Salesforce, leading to losing the essence of the conversation, the conversation itself, and most importantly time.

CPaaS – Communications Platform as a Service

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is the solution for this.  CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that allows organizations to add real-time communication capabilities, such as voice, video and messaging, to business applications by deploying APIs.  The communication capabilities delivered by APIs could include chat, SMS, MMS, calls, and video. With this, you handle all the relevant conversation directly in Salesforce making the whole process smoother and productive.

CPaaS Advantages

CPaaS providers are able to use cloud technology to offer companies of any size to easily develop and embed communications features. Development teams using CPaaS can save on human resources, infrastructure, and time to market.

Other advantages to using a CPaaS include affordable pricing models, where developers can pay for just the services they need.  CPaaS also allows multi-tenancy or the ability for multiple customers to use the service at the same time, each within a separate, secure environment, just like Salesforce.  Bring together CPaaS and Salesforce makes everything seamless.


If you are looking for CPaaS provider, look no further than Clique.  Clique is a leader in the API economy and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company.  Using their cloud-based platform, Clique delivers High-Definition solutions where businesses want it.  

Enterprises use Clique to make it easy for companies to provide secure and efficient communications.  When engaging with their customers across lines of business or horizontal applications like team collaboration, investor relationships, and human capital, enterprises embed Clique’s SDKs and APIs to enable voice, messaging, and other communications technologies to embed, expand and evolve their communication capabilities across their business applications.

  • Clique provides Voice transcription and recording as a means to retain all the conversation.  
  • With Clique you can easily use communication APIs that lets you embed HD quality voice and video directly in Salesforce.   
  • Clique’s platform makes a secure, global voice, messaging and screen sharing possible regardless of legacy infrastructure, application environment, operating system, device, or location.


With CPaaS, Salesforce becomes more efficient than ever before in handling customer communication.  I highlight some of the benefits here.

  • Salesforce users get to know the context of every customer engagement
  • Seamless communications inside customer & employee apps
  • Connecting real-time communications across teams and applications (CRM, Human Capital, Field Service) and across messaging platforms (ex. Slack, WhatsApp, ArmorText) makes all communication seamless.
  • Feed transcript and recording back into a channel, topic or thread helps to have all the relevant information in the right place.
  • You get to connect with any device from anywhere, instantly
  • The deep analytics and understanding with AI & automated speech transcription help in saving huge amounts of time and effort.
  • Ever available, enterprise reliability via the cloud makes your solution productive and reliable.



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