Sales Cloud Lightning Experience features released in Winter’18

Check out Lightning Report Builder & latest enhancements to “Reports & Dashboards” in Lightning Experience.

Check out new “Lightning App Builder” features

Lightning Experience Enhancements

Lightning Experience Gets a New Look and Feel

  • More information density and less white space
  • Improved legibility (using font size and color)
  • Added color and a background image.  (Setup –> Themes and Branding)
  • Open Favorites in a New Browser Tab

Search: Adjustable Search Results Columns and Smarter Instant Results

  • Resize Columns, Wrap Text, and Easily Sort on the Search Results Page
  • Get to the Right Record Faster with Enhanced Instant Results
  • Find Things in Setup Faster with Enhanced Quick Find

Integrate Outlook and Gmail with Salesforce – Learn on Trailhead

Lead Conversion Flexibility – New screen. Applies to Lightning Experience only.


Lightning Experience Feature Updates 

  • Set Up Person Accounts with Ease from setup itself.  No support case needed.
  • Merge Person Accounts in Lightning Experience
  • Configure and Manage Sales Territories in Lightning Experience
  • Prompt Users to Add Products to Opportunities
  • Run More Workflow Time Triggers Per Hour.  Up to 100.
  • Salesforce Events Calendar Is Now Called My Events

Add Opportunity Team Members Faster


Expand Your Reps’ Email Reach with List Email

  • Reps can send an email to recipients on contact, lead, and person account lists.
  • List email sends an individual email to each recipient instead of one email to group.
  • Use merge field directly from the Email Send pop-up.

List Views: Customizations, Mass Inline Editing, and Text Wrapping

  • List View Column Widths Dynamically Adjust to the Content
  • Set Custom Column Widths on More List Views
  • Reset Custom List View Column Widths to Their Default
  • Wrap Text in List Views

Home: Filter More Options in the Tasks Component


Process Builder Updates

  • Start a Process When a Platform Event Occurs

  • Quickly Reference Specific Users and Queues – No more Id references!

  • Access Encrypted Data in Process Builder (Generally Available)

Turn On Multiple Currencies Without Contacting Support

Translation Workbench Supports Flow

Encrypt More of Your Customers’ Personally Identifying Information (Generally Available) – Leads, Accounts, Contact objects

New Field Type: Track Time with the Time Field Type

  • The time field type is a timestamp minus the date
  • To support using time in formulas, this beta release introduces the TIMEVALUE and TIMENOW functions as well as HOUR, SECOND, SECOND, MILLISECOND 
  • Use this custom field type to track time that is not specific to a single date, such as preferred contact hours

Share Business Contacts Manually in Orgs That Use Person Accounts 


Block Execution of JavaScript in the HYPERLINK Function To Be Enforced

  • You can’t add or execute JavaScript in the URL of a HYPERLINK function.
  • You can edit the function to remove the JavaScript from the URL and substitute a URL that doesn’t contain JavaScript


Check out Lightning Report Builder & latest enhancements to “Reports & Dashboards” in Lightning Experience.

Check out new “Lightning App Builder” features


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