Lightning App Builder Enhancements – Released in Winter’18

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This post specifically highlights the features of Lightning App Builder released in Winter’18!

Make Your Lightning Pages Dynamic

  • Now you can control when a component appears on a record page by adding filter conditions and logic to its properties. No need to add anything to your custom components.
  • For example, construct a filter that causes a rich text component on an opportunity page to display when the Amount is greater than $1 million.lab_component_visibility_sample1

Take Lightning Page Customization to a Whole New Level with Custom Page Templates

  • Every Lightning page includes a template component that defines the page’s regions and what components it includes.
  • Now you can create a custom Lightning page template component and make it available as a custom page template in the Lightning App Builder’s new page wizard.
  • There are new interfaces and tags for the .cmp and .design files that help you define the template’s structure, regions, and included components. Each page type has a different interface that the template component must implement.
    • lightning:appHomeTemplate
    • lightning:homeTemplate
    • lightning:recordHomeTemplate

View Related List Data Quickly with Related List Quick Links

  • The Related List Quick Links component is available for record pages only.
  • The component displays two rows of related list links in large or medium page regions, and six rows in small regions.
  • Users can view the remaining related list links by clicking Show All, which expands the component.
  • When a user hovers over a related list quick link, the first 10 items in the related list display.lab_related_list_quick_links

Let Users Hold Video Meetings and Send Instant Messages Right from a Record with the Cisco Spark for Salesforce Component

  • As part of the new Cisco Spark for Salesforce feature, the Cisco Spark for Salesforce component is now available in the Lightning App Builder.
  • Add it to record pages to let your users initiate video meetings and send and receive instant messages right from the record they’re visiting.
  • To use this component and see it in the Lightning App Builder, you must enable the Cisco Spark Messages and Meetings org preference in Setup. When you add the component to a page, you must select an email address to associate it with.

Get Familiar with the Updated Filter List Component

  • New Name: To better reflect what the component really does, we renamed it to List View.
  • New Look: In an x-large, large, or medium page region, the List View component renders as a true list view, like on an object’s home page. In a small region, the component renders as it did before.
  • New Property: You can hide the action bar when the component renders as a full list view. This setting doesn’t apply when the component renders in a small region or in Salesforce1.

Rich Text Components Have a New Style

  • We added an attribute to the Rich Text component that controls the background of your rich text content when it displays on a Lightning page.
  • The attribute is enabled by default and is accessible from the property pane when you select a Rich Text component in the Lightning App Builder.
  • When enabled, the attribute renders your rich text as a card with a white background, instead of a transparent one.
  • This change makes the text more readable in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

Add Milestones to Case Record Pages

  • You can now add the Milestones component to case record pages in Lightning Experience.
  • This component lets your users see active, completed, and violated milestones for their cases. Previously, the case milestones tracker was only available in Salesforce Classic.lab_milestone_comp

Set More Variable Values in the Flow Component

  • You can now set values for your picklist and multi-select picklist variables directly from the properties pane.

Minor Enhancements

  • Related List Component Is Now “Related List – Single”
  • Quarterly Performance Component Is Now Called “Performance”
  • Custom Settings No Longer Supported for List View Component




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