Spring 18 Release – Dashboard Enhancements

It is new year time, so another Spring release of Salesforce.  The Sandbox Preview window for Spring ‘18 is scheduled to begin January 5, 2018. 

I have gone through the huge release notes and providing you the highlights of the release categorizing them into Lightning Experience features, Report Builder and Dashboard Enhancements.

Read Spring 18 – Lightning Experience Features

Read Spring 18 – Report Builder Enhancements

Here are the Dashboard Enhancements

Add Tables with Up to 10 Columns to Dashboards (GA)

Shows up to 200 records and 10 columns from the fields available in a source report’s report type. Because the available fields come from the source report’s report type, the columns shown in a Lightning dashboard table don’t need to be added to the source report as columns.

Lightning dashboard tables now support these features, which were unavailable in the beta version:

  • Chatter photos
  • Conditional highlighting
  • Dashboard filter compatibility
  • Show total
  • Reorder table columns

Subscribe to Dashboards to Schedule Refreshes and Get Email Updates

As you prepare to subscribe to dashboards, take note of these considerations and allocations.

  • Each person in your org can subscribe to up to five dashboards.
  • You can subscribe to filtered dashboards, but dashboard filters are never applied to emailed dashboards.
  • Emailed dashboards are always displayed with a one-column layout. Each row displays one dashboard component.
  • Dashboards configured to display data as The dashboard viewer under the View Dashboard As settings in Dashboard Properties (often called dynamic dashboards), don’t support subscriptions. You can’t subscribe to them.

Color Your Dashboard Data with Themes and 14 Color Palettes

User Permission Needed Change Dashboard Colors

You can set component-specific themes, but not component-specific color palettes.

Improved Experience for Sharing Dashboard Components on Chatter

Now, you always post to the dashboard feed, @mention people and groups, and format with rich text like you can on other feeds. (So, go ahead and make your post as bold as you like!) Plus, you can review the dashboard feed while you’re sharing a component!

To share a dashboard component, first expand it by clicking Expand Component. Then, click Share Component, compose a post, and click Share.

Minor Enhancement :

  • View Report Button on Dashboard Components Includes the Source Report Name.  If the source report is named Opportunity Overview, the button reads View Report (Opportunity Overview).
  • Download Chart Images from Dashboard Components: Expand a dashboard component, then click Download Chart Image to download the chart as a .png image file.
  • Show Total on Donut Charts:  Choose to show or hide the total in the center of donut charts.
  • Set Chart Legend Position:  Choose whether to set the once-fixed legend to appear on either the right-hand side of a chart, or the bottom.
  • Show both Totals and Percentages on Donut Charts:  Previously, you could show either numerical values or percentages on donut charts. Now, you can show both at the same time.

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