From beginner to professional: Learn Salesforce from scratch

Recently, I shared with you my first article (Admin to Developer : 3 steps to take) which I contributed to Mason Frank’s ‘Ask the Expert’ series.  Following its success, I’ve written another article for them – how to become a Salesforce Professional from beginner.

From beginner to professional: how to learn Salesforce from scratch

By Manish Thaduri

Here is a summary, with a link to read the full article below. I hope you enjoy!

“How can you go from a beginner to a qualified Salesforce professional?” is one of the intriguing questions that everyone faces when stepping into the Salesforce ecosystem.

You could have landed in Salesforce technology for a number of different reasons:

  • the company you are working for is switching to Salesforce;
  • you are personally switching your career into Salesforce technology;
  • or your client wants to implement Salesforce to improve their business.

For whatever reason, you ended up in Salesforce with little to minimum knowledge of Salesforce technology and now you want to take your career to the next level. If you’re looking to advance your career in Salesforce then this post is for you.

Read the full article here:


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