New UI for Salesforce has a completely redesigned version of its core CRM product.  The new version has been designed with a cleaner, more modern looking interface.

Here’s the previous UI, now being referred to as Classic Salesforce UI

Classic UI - Salesforce

And here’s the switch to Lightning Experience

New lightning UI - Salesforce

The new version uses a navigation bar approach, abandoning the tabbed interface of the older model. It also has enhanced search to make it easier to move to functions by simply entering keywords a la Spotlight Search on the Mac.

The visualizations throughout lean heavily on Salesforce Wave, the data visualization platform it introduced last year, and the design component enables customers to customize the interface for their organization’s terminology and what each one considers most important. The company stresses that this is more than simply rebranding.

“We think of this as a huge leap forward. It’s not just about repackaging and making new colors and buttons. We are rolling out 25 new features and functions to be more productive and go faster,” Alpert said.


  • Lightning Experience for Sales Cloud is available in preview starting today and expected to be generally available in October 2015.
  • Customers can choose when they move to Lightning Experience. Additionally, they may try the new Sales Cloud with a subset of users in their organization before complete deployment.

The Catch?

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.02.41 am


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