The typical login screen of your Salesforce instance looks like the below image.  The right half of the page is completely used by Salesforce to promote its events, features etc.  The left half of the page is login inputs with Salesforce logo.


Have you ever had the thought to change the Salesforce login screen :

  • To add your company logo instead of Salesforce logo?
  • To remove the Salesforce promoted content on the login screen?
  • To change the colors to match your company brand?

If yes, read on.  I tell you that this is all possible, you can change all of that, yes all of that! What’s more? You can do that without coding.  Salesforce has given a provision to change all of that using the settings in Setup menu.

In the quick find Setup menu, enter Domain and select My Domain in Domain Management.  Click Edit on Authentication Configuration section. (Note this settings page cannot be accessed in Lightning Experience, so switch to Classic Salesforce to access this page.)


Set your Header logo to your company logo.  This would replace the Salesforce logo.  You can change the background color and for the right side of the login screen, provide an URL.  take1

Wohoo!  That’s how my login screen looks after making changes to these settings – I still preferred to have Salesforce logo there.  I changed the background color and of course the right half.

Another version of my homepage with the logo changed


Note that you have to add a Domain in your Salesforce instance to make changes to login screen.