A Tip A Day #3 – Outlook & Salesforce Integration

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 Day #3 – Outlook & Salesforce Integration

There are 2 products offered by Salesforce and Microsoft for this integration.  The products help in syncing contacts, events, and tasks between the outlook and salesforce. The Sync features and other settings are configurable (links at the end of the post).

1. Salesforce for Outlook

Users have to install an outlook addon software (named Salesforce for Outlook) in their local windows machines to use the feature.

The addon can be downloaded from Salesforce setup –> My Settings –> Salesforce for Outlook. Then from Outlook, the users will login and connect to Salesforce. But Salesforce for Outlook is not supported in MAC machines. Only Windows is fully supported.

 2. Lightning for Outlook

Salesforce released latest version that supports both Windows and MAC called Lightning for Outlook.  The name has Lightning but it works in salesforce classic as well.

This add on supports only the latest versions of outlook – Outlook Web App (OWA), Outlook 2016, Outlook for Mac 2016, or Outlook 2013. This is also just an Add-On available in Outlook store.

Which one to choose?

The product to choose depends purely on your requirement. Answer these questions to make your decision.

1) Do the users use mac or windows? If the users use Mac, then you have no option but to go for Lightning for Outlook.  If windows, then you can choose either of them based on outlook version

2) Which version of outlook do the users use?  If the users are on latest versions of outlook mentioned above then go for Lightning for Outlook otherwise pick Salesforce for Outlook

Useful Links

Features & Setup steps of Salesforce for Outlook

Features & Setup steps of Lightning for Outlook

Download Lightning for Outlook – Sandbox version

Download Lightning for Outlook – Production

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