A Tip A Day #32 – Users are unable to change Timezone in Personal Settings

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Day #32 – Users cannot change Timezone or Language in Personal Settings

When I try to change Language and TimeZone settings from Personal Settings, I get this error – Insufficient Privileges error even when I’m the System Administrator profile user.

insufficient privileges changee language and timezone personal settings salesforce sfdcfanboy.png

This is nothing to do with Profile permissions.  Quite interestingly the permission for this is to be given in Setup–>User Interface.

Enable the Improved Setup User Interface checkbox needs to be ticked.

sfdcfanboy user intereface change locale settings salesforce.png

Then I can change the Timezone, Language and Locale of user.   Now it is enabled!

change timezone language locale of user peronsal settings sfdcfanboy salesforce.png

Note:  These are user personal settings.  To change the timezone, language, locale of the entire company at the company/org level, you need to go to setup–>Company Information and update the settings there.

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