Summer 18 Release – Lightning App Builder Highlights

Salesforce released its latest features this summer of 2018.  I’ve gone through the 521 Pages release notes and providing you the summary of the features.  Heavily focused on Lightning, as usual, the norm in Salesforce releases now, I have split the highlights into 4 different posts: Lightning Experience Highlights, Development Highlights, Lightning App Builder Highlights, Lightning Flow Highlights.

Summer 18 – Lightning Experience Highlights

Summer 18 – Development Highlights

Summer 18 – Lightning Flow Highlights

This post is about Lightning App Builder Highlights.  

Add Pinned Regions to Your Console Sidebars

A pinned region remains displayed as you navigate to subtabs in a Lightning console app. Users don’t need to toggle between pages to get information.

Screenshot of the Create a New Lightning Page with a callout for the Console: Pinned Left and Right Sidebar template.

Show Earned Trailhead Badges with the Badges Lightning Component

Add the Badges Lightning component to user profile pages to show a user’s earned Trailhead badges. In production, the component picks up user identification from the user profile page, so no configuration is needed.

A Badges component

New Components for Email Application Panes

Create custom email application panes so that Lightning for Outlook and Inbox Beta for Outlook fit how your reps work. An array of new Lightning App Builder components gives your reps the flexibility they need when working with Salesforce data in Microsoft® Outlook®

Check the available components here

Deliver a CSRF-Protected Visualforce Page with a Lightning Component

Selecting the Require CSRF Protection on GET requests option on your Visualforce page adds an extra layer of security by guarding against cross-site request forgery (CSRF). The Visualforce Page Lightning component now supports Visualforce pages that have this setting enabled.

Summer 18 – Lightning Experience Highlights

Summer 18 – Development Highlights

Summer 18 – Lightning Flow Highlights


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