Send and Receive SMS within Salesforce

SMS is a great way for companies to connect to their customers or leads and should be included in all communication strategies be it Sales, Service or Marketing.  SMS has a 100% chance of reaching the customers compared to an email which often has to go through a lot of spam filters before reaching the customers.

Salesforce’s sales cloud or service cloud doesn’t have an inbuilt feature of SMS to connect with their contacts and this is where third-party tools or apps come into the picture for you to be able to use SMS as a communication medium in Salesforce.  One such brilliant app that I have come across is ValueText SMS app available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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ValueText App –

ValueText app provides a drastic advantage in lead closing by using SMS follow-ups, aids in improving communication with the customers, and helps in getting better attention from their Leads and Customers.

ValueText provides the ability to send SMS using workflows, single SMS, bulk SMS, scheduled follow-up SMS, SMS campaigns and even create a case from incoming SMS.  All of this can be done just through point-and-click!

Few important features of the App amongst the many:

  • SMS Campaign with full statistics
  • SMS from Reports
  • SMS Inbox actions like Lead, Contact or Case creation
  • Follow up messages for the Sales team
  • Bulk messaging
  • SMS from workflows

Follow-Up Feature

Let us look at one of the features – SMS follow-ups!

Follow up feature helps in spending less time on lead follow-ups.  These can be defined on certain data criteria with wait periods and set to be executed automatically at a specific time of the day.  This saves a lot of time for the companies.  To have such flexibility in defining the follow-ups is a killer feature.

send followup scheduled sms from salesforce sfdcfanboy valuetext


The app is available on AppExchange and can be installed using the link – ValueText SMS.  You can install and set up everything in 4 easy steps. Refer to this document for the same – Install & Configure ValueText

I recommend you to use the ValueText for your business or your company because I see a few unique features of the app.

Pricing & Discount

ValueText comes in 3 packages based on the company type.  Choose the package that fits your needs – pricing plans.  There is a free trial version as well and is being offered free for two months!

Here’s something for my followers.  If you are really interested to go with ValueText, please fill in your information below so I can contact you with discount details.

Hope you like the app as much as I do!  Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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