Salesforce + Rebel = Email Future Looks Promising

Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Rebel, a startup that develops interactive email services for businesses to enhance their direct marketing services –  recipients of interactive emails can write reviews, shop, do quizzes and take other actions without leaving the messages to do so.

Rebel Mail redefines what email can do.  It brings web functionality into emails.

“Rebel will enhance the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and fundamentally change the way people interact with email“ –  the Rebel Team.

A sample of what Rebel Email can do. 

Get customer feedback, capture customer input, all within the email.

Shop in Email

Shop in iOS Mail

Rebel founders quoted that with their Mail and API solutions, brands turn emails into an extension of their website or app – collecting data, removing friction from the conversion process, and enhancing the customer experience.

When this will be available, what features will Salesforce include, and details of the pricing is for us to wait and watch.

Interactive Email features bring in a lot of flexibility to the emails and make them more interactive than what it currently offers.  This encourages customers to take an action directly from the email, which will likely help them get more website traffic and eventually sales. This move will also help in meeting customers growing expectations of ‘personalized content emails’.





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