Benefits of Marketing Automation in Financial Services Companies

Marketing Automation is a low key affair in Financial Services companies.  Marketing automation allows financial companies to use customer data (of course with consent from customers) to deliver personalized engagements, develop a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, get ahead of their fellow competitors and more importantly maximize their marketing investment.  Every financial company needs marketing:

  • Commercial Banking: Provide commercial bankers, loan officers & agents, and marketing teams with real-time customer engagement insights. Support personalized digital marketing journeys to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Wealth Management: With powerful insights on client engagement and behavior, the marketing and advisor teams get empowered. Leveraging personalized marketing campaigns to drive client acquisition and retention, client relationships are built.
  • Asset Management: Identify prospects with the highest investment potential and engage them with personalized, targeted digital marketing campaigns which enables marketing and wholesaler teams with powerful marketing acumen.
  • Insurance: Execute targeted lead generation campaigns at scale, and empower agent and broker teams with powerful insights into prospect engagement with marketing approved content.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Some of the key benefits of implementing Marketing Automation:

Increase Prospects Flow

Marketing automation assists in creating an ongoing flow of leads/prospects across all departments and channels, providing suggestions for better content and targeting options.  Using customized lead capture forms in the Marketing automation tools helps you gather the data that matters to you most.

Boost Lead Conversion

Convert leads and strengthen existing client relationships from attracting and capturing new prospects to onboarding, educating, and upselling existing clients.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation allows you to examine all aspects of a marketing program allowing you to perform A/B testing, from content to channel to time of delivery, optimizing the campaign effectiveness all along the way.  Listening and making necessary changes to your campaigns results in massive returns when measured over time.

Increase Social Media Presence

Marketing automation tools allow you to increase your social media influence by adding essential tools to your websites and social media platforms.  These will help expedite your marketing referral campaigns.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Engage with your prospects at the right time. When a client engages with your email or visits your website – get real-time updates of their actions so your Sales team know exactly when to reach out to them, or set up a flow of communications (customer journeys) with personalized emails/SMS or other right channels with relevant messages based on their engagement.  

Maximize Marketing Investment

The best of the Marketing automation tools can track all of your campaigns, report engagement rates to constantly enhance your client experience.  Get a view of how campaigns are performing, create a granular and single view of all of your data, dig into Marketing ROI. The potential ROI of a marketing automated email campaign is whopping 3800%.

Effective Tracking

Marketing automation tracks all marketing communication across all channels and touchpoints be it opening email or clicking an SMS link or other customer behavior such as opening an account, downloading content from your website, visiting some pages of your website.  The tracking helps determine who to contact as well as what sequence and cadence of communication are the most successful.

Salesforce Pardot for Financial Services Capabilities

Salesforce Marketing Automation Tool for Financial Services, “Pardot”  helps you deliver a personalized and engaging customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle.  The key features of Pardot that boost your teams to get all the benefits of Marketing automation easily are:

  • Advanced Segmentation: You can create lists of clients based on your preferred criteria to deliver appropriate messages to a various audience.
  • Client Acquisition:  Helps to keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality clients.
  • Personalized Content: Supports in delivering personalized messages at every touch point to improve the buyer journey.
  • Client Nurtures: Grow client relationships from acquisition to long term growth with targeted nurture campaigns.
  • Sales Intelligence: Salesforce Einstein advices you on how to reach the right clients, with the right message, at the right time.
  • ROI Reporting: Gives a clear view of marketing ROI and impact on sales revenue.

Pardot Expect Implementation Team

The team of Vantage Point Consulting ( based out of Dallas, Texas helps accelerate your sales and marketing effectiveness through creating smarter marketing automation solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. They put together their Pardot expertise to work for you and your organization to help you effectively leverage the full power of Salesforce.

The expertise of different Salesforce clouds, personalized services they offer, the company’s core values – the client comes first & strive for excellence, the 24×7 worldwide customer service makes them the most preferred Registered Salesforce partner.  If you are looking for one, do not hesitate to contact them.




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