Salesforce Developer Certification Expiration Timeline

As you all know Salesforce Developer Certification (401) has been retired starting Feb 2017, and many are confused on the next process - especially when to take the transition exam and when to stop doing the maintenance exam. I have already explained the dates and the transistion paths in my earlier post - Certification Expiration Here's …


Salesforce Certification Tracks

Here's the handy Salesforce Certification Paths!

Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

SfdcFanBoy joins other Salesforce experts to be featured in Mason Frank's Salesforce Administration Certification guide. Certified Success: Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

Salesforce Certification Exam Results In Section Percentages (%)

Salesforce Certification results now shows "% scores" for each of the sections in the exam along with "Pass/Fail" result. The sections provided in your results directly relate to the sections listed in the exam outline of the study guide. If you receive 90% for a specific section, that means you answered 90% of the questions …

Spring 17 Release – Lightning App Builder Updates

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 In this post, I will highlight all the new features introduced into Lightning App Builder with Spring 17 release. To set up Einstein & its Features, learn here (screenshots added). Read the highlights from All of the Spring 17 updates here. What's new in Reports & Dashboards in Lightning Experience this Spring 17, …

Salesforce Code Scanner – Health Check

As a Salesforce Developer, have you ever worried about the code in your Salesforce org and wanted to check if: the code you have written/existing code is in line with the best practices? you have followed the coding guidelines suggested by Salesforce? there are any loop holes in the code that could cause severe security …

Salesforce’s Certifications Expiring!

The expected has happened - Salesforce is completely "retiring" its Developer Certifications namely, Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer. Yes you read that right, these 2 certifications are about to expire! In September 2015, Salesforce has stopped offering Developer credentials to new applicants and then introduced 3 new certifications for developers during …

How to add business days to a date in Salesforce formula ?

Good Post by Force-Base.Com!


Many a times we come across requirements wherein we are supposed to set the due date to a certain number of days from a particular date. Most of the times, organizations insist on setting it to certain number of business days later. This is the point where many admins get stuck figuring out how to add business days to a particular date. I have personally seen many questions asked regarding this in the Salesforce success and developer communities. So thought of writing a post on the same which might help these folks if they have to setup something similar in the future.

Suppose you want to set it to 14 days after a certain date and if you simply add 14 to the value of a date field, Salesforce formula will also include the weekends by default. So how do we override this ?

Well, to do that we need…

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Quick Tip – Change Date format in Apex

If you use any date fields in Apex, it prints in this format System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date); Output:  2016-04-26 00:00:00 To change the format you can simply use: format() System.debug('Date: '+contact.Date.format()); Output:  26/04/2016  

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