Spring 17 Release – Lightning App Builder Updates


In this post, I will highlight all the new features introduced into Lightning App Builder with Spring 17 release.

To set up Einstein & its Features, learn here (screenshots added).

Read the highlights from All of the Spring 17 updates here.

What’s new in Reports & Dashboards in Lightning Experience this Spring 17, click here.

  1. Assign Lightning Pages by Record Type, App or Profile:  Earlier Lighting Record Pages were available to be assigned to only Profiles, now you can assign to a particular Record Type or even an App.  So, they will do more than what a page layout in Classic can do.1
  2. You can now customize Person Account Lightning Pages also in Lightning Experience.
  3. New Lightning Page Templates: Earlier to build a Lightning Record Page or a Home page, you had only 3 options (header with 1 or 2 columns only).  Now more templates have been added for Record Pages and App Pages as well including the most wanted 3 columns layout!
    • App Page Templates (new)
      • Header and Left Sidebar
      • Header and Three Columns
      • Header and Two Columns
    • Record Page Templates (new)
      • Header and Left Sidebar
      • Header, Sub-header, Left Sidebar
      • Header and Three Columns
      • One Column
      • Three Columns (The main column width is 50%, and the side
        columns widths are each 25%.)
  4. You can now clone Default Lightning Pages as well.
  5. More buttons can be added and shown on Lightning Highlights Panel3
  6. You can now add Lookup/Parent Record Component to a Lightning Page and show its details on the page, without having to click/hover over the name.  (My most favorite feature of Lightning App Builder)
    • The related record component properties
    • The Related Record Component PropertiesDisplaying Case’s contact record details as a component in Case Page. 5
    • Or you can display the Case’s parent case details also as shown below6
    • If there’s no related Contact record for a case, it will be blank.  The UI is dynamic enough to handle this situation by giving you the option to search contacts and assign it to the Case.7
    • What’s more, you can even inline edit the related record details without leaving the page.8
  7. Selective Related List: Now you can choose which object related lists to appear in a Record Lightning page while adding the related list component to a page.9
  8. Related List of Parent Record: Taking this another level up, you can display related list of a parent/lookup record as well.  Wow!
    • Example: On a case record page, you can display, the related Contact’s cases related list!
  9. Related List or Related Tiles: Instead of displaying as lists (tabular view), you can now display related records as a tiles.
  10. You can now display pending Approval Requests in Home Page, Yay!
  11. Flow components in Lightning Pages (Beta): Not generally available still though!
  12. Rich Text can be added to Lightning Pages only after disabling LockerService Critical Update.

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