A Tip A Day #5 – AppExchange Apps to scan Business/Name Cards

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 Day #5 – AppExchange Apps to scan Business/Name Cards

Lately, I have been researching on Apps that could scan Business Cards (Name Cards) so the Sales team can just scan the Name cards they collect to create Lead/Contact records in Salesforce directly.  This would save lot of time and effort for the Sales persons / Salesforce Admins who otherwise have to manually type in the Contact/Lead Name, Designation, Phone numbers, Company Name (Account Name), Company address by looking at the Name card.  Repeat that for 100 name cards, you are a goner!


I have installed, tried, tested, read reviews and analyzed many Apps from AppExchange related to name card scanning.  Here I present the top 3 apps according to me. Note that I have no connection in any way to the App makers.  These are purely my personal recommendations with no advertisements from the original App builders.

Here are the Apps:

CamCard for Salesforce I like this the most amongst the all.  Probably the best that is available.  It scanned different designs of name cards perfectly.  The scanning (OCR) is quick and doesn’t miss any details.  Has the ability to save it as Contact / Lead (similar to the other scanners)

Free Version: 5 Name cards scans allowed with full features

Paid Version: Starting at $7.99 USD per user per month (Discounted for Nonprofits)

Vision-e Scan: Upload business cards in Salesforce

Free Version: No OCR – Free version only stores the Name card as photos. Free for five.

Paid VersionUnlimited users, OCR and premium services starting at $15/user/month (Non-profit and volume discounts available).

Business Card Reader for Salesforce CRM

Free Version: Limited number of Name card scans allowed (Probably 5)

Paid Version$14.99+ for 100 business cards recognitions (Cheaper for higher volumes)

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