A Tip A Day #22 – Official Salesforce Practice Test for Administrator Certification

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Day #22 – Official Salesforce Practice Test for Administrator Certification

Are you preparing for your Salesforce Administrator certification and looking for a practice test to test your knowledge, find your strengths and weaknesses – look no further than the official Salesforce practice test!  Salesforce does provide practice test for this certification.

More about this practice test

  • This is the only Official Salesforce practice test for the Salesforce Administrator exam.
  • The test will give you the opportunity to experience the environment, format, and level of questions you may see in the actual exam,
  • This test will be un-proctored, meaning you an take it at your own convenience and from your own computer (similar to your maintenance exam)
  • You will have a time limit to complete the exam and you’ll also see the results upon submission.
  • You will receive percentage breakdowns for each section.
  • BONUS: You’ll see the overall exam score as well.
  • The results are your guide to strengths and weaknesses to help you focus on areas needed for additional learning!
  • The practice test scores will not necessarily represent your success on the certification exam.


The price to register for this test is 20 USD, cheaper than the original certification exam (which is 200 USD).  For 20 USD, an official Salesforce practice test is a good deal, I’d say.

How to access this practice test

Login to your webassessor account.  Click on Register for new exam.  Scroll down to the Certified Practice Tests.  Tadahh!

certified practice test salesforce administrator sfdcfanboy

Additional Resources for this Administrator Certification

Still not enough practice? Then you can attend the free official Salesforce certification preparation webinars – here’s the schedule for the month of November 2017.  These are very useful as these webinars are purely focused on the certification.

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