To help customers with complex governance and compliance needs, Salesforce is introducing Salesforce Shield, a premium set of integrated services built natively in the Salesforce1 Platform.

Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield lets customers see who is doing what with sensitive data, know the state and value of their data going back up to ten years, and encrypt sensitive data at rest, while still preserving business functionality.

It is declarative and can be setup in an afternoon with point and click tools. Salesforce Shield includes three core services:

Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail and Platform Encryption

Salesforce Shield


Event Monitoring gives customers unprecedented visibility into their Salesforce apps, letting them easily see what data users are accessing, from what IP address, and what actions are being taken in regards to that data.

Customers simply access a standard csv file via API and pull the data into any number of visualization tools. Then, they can track when someone prints a page or list view, edits a record or creates one, changes ownership, refreshes a list, or even when a user exports account data.

Field Audit Trail gives customers a time machine so they can go back in time and see the state and value of their data on any date, at any time. It expands what is currently available with Field History Retention, giving customers up to 10 years of audit trail data for up to 60 fields per object.

Field Audit Trail is built on a big data back end enabling massive scalability and letting customers access audit data in just under two minutes.

Platform Encryption lets customers encrypt sensitive data at rest while maintaining important application functionality. Because data is encrypted at the metadata layer in the database, key Salesforce application functionality can be made ‘encryption aware’ and work despite the data being encrypted.

Even more amazing, partner applications on the AppExchange, such as Conga, can also include and respect data that a customer chooses to encrypt in their org. Platform Encryption is built natively into the platform and can be set up in just a few minutes.