Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Slides

Here are the slides from the Certification Prep Webinar Series conducted by Salesforce University for the Sales Cloud Consultant certification.  You will not find these slides anywhere.

This was delivered by Salesforce Certified Instructors.  The slides explain in detail each of the topics that are required for clearing the certificate.

The slides have been made Private.  To get the access and continue learning, you can register for future Webinars using the link provided below.

Use the directional arrows and pause button to traverse through the slideshow.

Note: For any clarifications regarding the questions/answers mentioned in the slide, use the comments section below for discussion.

Once you are done with the preparation, you can try this Practice Exam – Sales Cloud Consultant Certification again by Salesforce University, so these are genuine and real-time exam questions.

You can register for these webinars using this link – Register Here

Copyrights: Salesforce University

20 Replies to “Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Slides”

  1. Hello,

    Could you please share below on my email?
    Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Preparation Slides and
    Practice Exam – Sales Cloud Consultant Certification



  2. Hi there, it appears from the comments above that you will share the slides personally when one asks for them? I would be very thrilled if you would share with me. Thank you much, do I need to post my email publicly or do you receive it when I reply here?


  3. Hello…I’m getting ready to take ADM 201 next week. I have an old set of slides from 2012. It would be great to get an updated version. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


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